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The episode star with Jass saying that he has come to take Tejo as they don’t understand straight language, he brought police with him. He shows their marriage certificate. Kusbeer says that no matter what he brought, he can’t take Tejo, she isn’t his wife. He robbed Tejo and ran away with his mother and asks why he returned. Jass jokes and says that he has come to take his wife. Kusbeer asks him to control his tongue. Jass asks to control his anger. Tejo stops a furious Fateh.

Tejo asks Jass to stop his drama and asks why he has come. Jass says that he told her to inform her family that he will come to take her. He’s good boy, he doesn’t want to hurt them. He doesn’t say anything even though they keep his wife as their daughter-in-law. Fateh says to Jass to get out. Kusbeer stops Fateh. Jass says that Fateh is short tempered and he’s also short tempered. Fateh asks to tell what he wants since Tejo won’t go with him at any cost. Jass says that the whole city knows that he loves Jasmine, but he gets goosebumps hearing Tejo’s name. He laughs. Tejo asks to say why he has come. Jass says that he has come to take her legally and threatens to take legal action on Kushbeer and Gurpreet. Fateh asks Jass to stay away from his mom.

Jass asks Fateh to stay away from his wife and says that it won’t take him a second to call Tejo characterless. He asks why Fateh gets furious, if Fateh and Tejo didn’t cross the line. Fateh angrily holds Jass’ coat collars. Kushbeer takes Fateh away. Jass threatens to give complaint against them and send the Virks and Sandhus to jail, if they don’t let him take Tejo. Fateh says that his case can’t stand even for 2 mins in the court.

Jass asks if the case doesn’t reach the court for 6 days as the court is closed for 6 days. Kushbeer says that he’s ready to go to the jail for his daughter. Tejo stops Kushbeer giving her swear. Kushbeer says not to stop him, she has taken lot of test as a daughter, now it’s a father’s turn. Tejo says that he won’t do anything like that.She knows how to handle Jass.Kushbeer asks what she will do.

Tejo says that whatever she will do, she won’t let her family go to the jail. He will speak to Jass in his own language. Tejo turns to Jass and says that she will leave this house, but not with Jass. He has problem with her marriage with Fateh and her staying here, so she will go back to her parents house. She asks which law say that a wife can’t go to her parents house getting angry. Jass looks at Jasmine. Tejo says that she will teach Jass law. She will file complaint against Jass after 6 days for marrying her by cheating, for robbing her and for domestic violence,then she will see who will go to the jail, he or her family.

Jasmine is happy at least Tejo leaves the house. Tejo says that she was never in Jass’ fate. Jass asks Tejo to do what she wants and adds that he will bear her tantrums with love, he won’t move from here until she leaves this house. Tejo says to wait him and warns to not mess up with his family. Tejo goes inside. Kushbeer looks on teary eyes. Fateh places his hand on Kushbeer’s shoulder. Jass asks the police to wait outside.

Jasmine comes to Tejo and says that she feels bad for her, it’s bound to happen. She admits that Tejo had spent beautiful moments with Fateh, but God snatched lot from her in return. Tejo cries recalling her moments with Fateh. Jasmine asks Tejo to take big suitcase else Jass will think that she is fooling him. Tejo asks Jasmine to her decide it and asks to not interfere in her matter. Jasmine say that she’s with her, she told Fateh already that they should get married after Tejo leaves so that Jass doesn’t trouble her more. Jasmine leaves. Tejo cries.

Tejo comes with the suitcase. She says to Kushbeer that this is right, she won’t let jass succeed in his intention. She fight this battle too, she has 6 days to bring Jass on the track, until she is there nothing can happen to her family. Tejo takes Gurpreet’s blessings. She hugs each member of the family recalling her moments with them. She walks out crossing Fateh.

Tejo tells her parents and everyone that she didn’t have any other way than coming here. Rupy blames himself. Someone knocks at the door. Beiji asks Abhiraj to see who has come. Jass says that he has come to meet them. Rupy, Harman get angry and go out. Tejo and others also go out. Tejo tries to stop Rupy and Harman from going to Jass and says that Jass wants this. Jass sits near the door and provokes them. He threatens to break the door, if they don’t open the door. Tejo asks Abhiraj to open the door.

Anti asks what she is saying. Tejo says that till now it’s between their family and if it goes like this, the whole city will get to know about this and they will have to face more insults. She says that it’s about only 6 days, they will bear him and requests them to have control on themselves. Jass asks Tejo to open the door. Tejo opens the door. Jass comes in and says that Tejo turned them as men with her lectures. He holds Tejo’s hand. Abhiraj asks Jass to leave Tejo’s hand. Jass refuses saying that Teji is his wife. All the men start beating Jass. Tejo tries to stop them, but in vain. Police arrives there and stops them. Jass acts crying. The inspector asks the constable to arrest them. Trio says that Jass is lying. Abhiraj says that Jass tries to enter their house forcibly. Rupy asks to arrest Jass. The inspector says that he has seen everything. Anti says that they’re saying truth, he tries to Tejo forcibly. Jass lies that they kidnapped his wife and puts an emotional act. Tejo asks Jass to shut up.

Tejo says to the Insp that he’s lying. Jass shows their marriage certificate to the inspector. Beiji says that Jass can not force Tejo. The inspector asks if Jass beat them. He saw who had beaten who. Jass says that they’re emotional people and asks to keep them for few days in jail so that their ego comes down. He acts to cry. Police arrests Rupy, Harman and Abhiraj and takes them in Jeep. Tejo cries.

The episode ends.