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The episode starts with Nehmat tearing the legal papers and slapping Naaz. The latter gets furious and tries to slap Naaz back. But Sartaj stands in front of Nehmat and warns Naaz not to. He mocks Naaz and asks Cherry to get an ice pack for Naaz’s red cheek. Balveer asks how Nehmat dared to slap Naaz. Ekam says that Naaz deserves this for her actions. He adds that he wonders how Nehmat, who also wanted a share, slapped Naaz for the same reason. Sartaj asks Ekam not to interfere in Sandhu’s matters. Balveer says that Ekam isn’t wrong. Nehmat says that she slapped Naaz for misbehaving with her grandparents. Balveer supports Naaz and says that she is practical. Harman taunts Balveer for marrying Naaz, who is his daughter’s age, and taunts Naaz for calling a lawyer for property instead of calling a doctor for Rupy.

Sartaj says that two wills should be written, one to divide the property of Sandhus and one to divide the property of Randawa. He says that half will be of Ekam and the other half will be of him and Shanky. Balveer and Naaz are shocked to hear this. Naaz thinks of teaching a lesson to Nehmat for slapping her. Balveer takes Naaz from there. Naaz is furious at Nehmat and wants to avenge her insult. Balveer asks Naaz not to do anything. He says that Sartaj isn’t interested in property, but because of Nehmat, he asked for his share. So, he asks Naaz to wait and take her revenge at the right time. Naaz agrees.

Sartaj asks Nehmat to take her medicine. Harleen and Ekam arrive there. Harleen agrees with Sartaj. He makes Nehmat take her medicine. On seeing this, Ekam asks Harleen to feed him the medicine. Harleen obliges. Sartaj asks Harleen-Ekam to have dinner with him and Nehmat. Sartaj, like a gentleman, helps Nehmat to sit on the chair. Ekam also does the same with Harleen. Sartaj serves food to Nehmat. Ekam suggests eating Harleen to eat on the same plate. Nehmat sees this. She feels bad.

Nehmat gets up and says that she wants to go home. Sartaj offers to drop her at home. He leaves with her. Ekam watches them leaving sadly. Harleen says that neither she nor Ekam can eat anymore. She gets up to leave, taking the plate. Ekam tries to stop. The food spills down. There, Sartaj asks Nehmat if she’s jealous of seeing Ekam and Harleen together, so she has left the dinner in between. Nehmat says that Ekam is using Harleen to make her jealous. She says to Sartaj that everyone isn’t as lucky as him, since he isn’t emotionally connected with people.

Ekam goes after Harleen, apologizing to her for his misbehavior towards her. Harleen reminds Ekam that they became friends by their own will, but she can’t see that friendship between them anymore. She angrily leaves. Ekam goes after her. There, Sartaj thinks about Nehmat’s words. Here, Ekam asks Harleen why she is telling him that they’re not friends anymore. Harleen says that he is using her to satisfy his ego. There, Sartaj decides to leave before becoming attached to the people here. He phones Nehmat to tell her the same, but she doesn’t answer the call. So, Sartaj decides to leave without informing Nehmat. Nehmat wonders why fate brought her back here. Here, Harleen goes out to get some fresh hair. Ekam decides to do something to reassure Harleen.

The episode ends.

Precap: Harleen asks Ekam if he is sure about taking their marriage to the next level. He nods yes. Harleen and Ekam grow closer. Harleen is shocked when Ekam pronounces Nehmat’s name instead of hers. Sartaj wonders if Nehmat will miss him. Nehmat cries.

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