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The episode starts with with Fateh confronting Jasmine. Fateh warns Jasmine to stop scaring his brother. Jasmine laughs at Fateh and says that Fateh looks more scared that Amrik will get death punishment or life imprisonment. She adds that he reminded the times Fateh was after her. Fateh regrets that times and says that he wishes to kill her. Kushbeer breaks down feeling ashamed of Jasmine’s act. Tejo says to Kushbeer that they have to do anything to stop Jasmine. Jasmine asks Fateh to kill her.

Fateh says that Amrik could have died. Jasmine says that this time Amrik got saved, if they don’t accept her conditions, he won’t be saved. She adds that everything will get fine, if they accept her conditions. Fateh refuses to get scared of her and to accept her conditions. Jasmine says that her whole family is scared and mocks Fateh saying that Gurpreet will beg her to save Amrik. Fateh says that she loves predict future, he will tell her what will happen the next day. Jasmine looks on confused.

The next day morning, Tejo assures Gurpreet that they will find any solution. Tejo gets ready to leave. Simran says to Tejo to meet Kushbeer before leaving. She adds that Kushbeer has just talked to their lawyer. Fateh tells Kushbeer that he decided what to do. Kushbeer asks if he decided to marry Jasmine. Fateh denies and says that he will take all blame on him and will tell police that he did the accident which shocks Kushbeer. Tejo hears their conversation.

Kushbeer scolds Fateh and says that he doesn’t want to lose another son to save one son. Fateh says that Amrik is weak and Jasmine took advantage of this and is pressuring them. Fateh adds that she won’t let them live in peace. Fateh is certain that Jasmine trapped Amrik. Fateh begs Kushbeer to accept his plan for Amrik and family’s sake. Kushbeer refuses saying he does not what punishment Fateh can get.

Fateh says that he won’t be punished if it’s proved as just an accident and if it’s not proven, he can at least get the satisfaction of saving his family from Jasmine. Tejo cries hearing this. Fateh pleads with Kushbeer to agree. Fateh says that he will just go to the jail, he won’t be hanged.

Kushbeer closes Fateh’s mouth. He says that he will talk to big lawyers and prove it’s just an accident. They will apologize to the victim’s family and will take the full responsibility of his/her family. He refuses to let Fateh take the blame of a murder. Fateh asks Kushbeer to promise that he will keep this matter away from their family else they won’t let him do this. Kushbeer hugs saying that he got his Fateh back. Tejo leaves from there teary eyes.

Fateh spots Tejo standing on the road side and offers to drop her at home. Tejo asks if he decided to take Amrik’s blame on him. Fateh looks stunned. Tejo says that she heard his conversation with Kushbeer and assures him of it telling it to anyone. She asks if they don’t have any other way to which Fateh says that he didn’t see any other way to save Amrik and his family from Jasmine. Tejo asks if he decided to bow down in front of Jasmine.

Fateh denies and says that he wants to show her that she can’t harm his family. Tejo says that it will be hard. Fateh says that it will be hard to see his family in pain too. He feels bad that he won’t be able to complete his efforts to get her forgiveness for hurting her. He thought to make everything fine and keep Tejo away from all sadness after getting her forgiveness, but he won’t be and apologizes to Tejo for that.

Tejo says that everything does not happen according to their plan and reminds him that during their college days Fateh wrote a shayari for Jasmine and that letter reached her by mistake. They laugh recalling some happy past moments. They both turn their faces other side and cry. Tejo wipes her tears and turns around. Tejo offers Fateh to go on her bike to have coffee. Fateh agrees and sits behind Tejo on her bike. Tejo asks him to hold her. Fateh recalls him saying the same to Tejo. Tejo drives off. Fateh smiles.

They have coffee in a dabba. Tejo says that she will come to the jail to meet him which surprises Fateh. Tejo further says that she wishes that she could stop him from doing this, but she also doesn’t find any other way than agreeing with this decision. She says that she completely trusts that Kushbeer will hire a best lawyer to save him. Fateh says that Jasmine won’t let it happen. He adds that he does not know what punishment he will get, if Kushbeer succeeds to prove it an accident. Tejo asks if he’s scared.

Fateh says that he won’t lie to her, he is scared about the pain his family will go through. He adds that Tejo won’t be with him in the jail to release him from this pain. He holds Tejo’s hand and asks her to promise him that she will take care of herself. Tejo promises to look after their families and her. Fateh asks Tejo to not wait for him. Tejo asks him to let her decide that. Fateh gets lawyer’s call and tells Tejo that he has to leave. Tejo says that she wants to stay here for some more time and asks Fateh to leave. Fateh leaves asking Tejo to care of her. Tejo sits crying.

The episode ends.

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