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The episode starts with Harleen sitting thinking about Ekam and his words. She receives a message from Ekam and laughs. She says that she wants to stay angry with Ekam, but gets convinced by his words. She decided not to get convinced this time. Harleen drives off. Harleen returns home and is suprised to see the decorations. She finds the sorry card. She goes to the room. She gets showered with flower petals. She sees a big sorry is written on the floor with flower petals. 

Ekam gets on his knees and holds his ears and apologizes to Harleen for using her to make Nehmat jealous. He asks Harleen to punish him if he repeats his mistake and gives her some suggestions which makes Harleen smile. Ekam requests Harleen not to leave him. Harleen asks Ekam to come near to her. He obliges. She asks Ekam to place his hand on her chest and say that he wants to move in life with her. Ekam does so. Ekam apologizes to Harleen and says that he wants to consummate their marriage. Harleen confirms with Ekam if he really wants it. She places his hand on her waist. They both fall on the bed with Harleen on top of Ekam. Ekam rolls with Harleen. Now he is on top of Harleen. 

Harleen says I love you Ekam. The latter recalls Nehmat and replies,” I love you Nehmat. Harleen is shocked to hear this. A tear drop falls out of her eye. Harleen and Ekam get up. Ekam realizes what he has said. He apologizes to Harleen. The latter runs into the washroom and locks it. On the other hand, Sartaj is in Dhaba having tea. He thinks about Nehmat. Meanwhile, Nehmat finds Sartaj’s wallet and phones him. As Sartaj doesn’t answer the call, she goes to find him to give him the wallet. 

Here, Ekam begs Harleen to open the door. He apologizes to her. Harleen stands under the shower crying. There, Sartaj notices that Nehmat forgot her medicine in his car. He decides to return it to her. Here, Ekam pleads with Harleen to open the door. He begs her to forgive him. Harleen opens the door. She walks out of the room ignoring Ekam’s pleads. Ekam cries, getting on his knees and feels guilty for hurting Harleen. Nehmat arrives there searching for Sartaj. She sees Harleen driving off and wonders if everything is fine between Ekam and Harleen. Nehmat runs after the car.

Sartaj goes to the Sandhus’ house searching for Nehmat. He learns from Satti that Nehmat has gone to his house to return his wallet. Ekam regrets hurting Harleen. Meanwhile, Harleen reaches a bridge and shouts to let out her frustration. She refuses to stay with Ekam in a forced relationship.

The episode ends.

Precap: Harleen is determined to jump out of the bridge to kill herself. Nehmat tries to stop her. They both fight. Accidentally, Nehmat falls down the bridge.

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Udaariyaan 23rd May 2023 Written Update: