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The episode starts with Angad calling Tejo and telling that he feels better after his session with the psychiatrist whom Tejo suggested. He thanks Tejo for that and promises to follow doctor’s advices. Angad finds Tejo is worried and asks her what happened. Tejo tells him about Amrik’s suicide attempt and everything that happened before that. Tejo disconnects the call before Angad can say anything saying that she will talk him later. Angad recalls Jasmine’s words. He gets shocked realising this is Jasmine’s plan. Angad decides to tell the truth to Tejo.

Gurpreet is worried about Amrik and asks Simran if Amrik will be saved. Simran assures Gurpreet that Fateh and Kushbeer will save Amrik. Fateh hears their talk. Kushbeer calls put Fateh. Kushbeer asks Fateh to rethink about his decision. Fateh says that he has decided and he is going to surrender himself to the police next day. He requests Kushbeer to let anyone in the family knows this. He asks Kushbeer to sleep so that he doesn’t has to face Gurpreet. At Sandhu’s house, Tejo cries remembering Fateh’s words. Here Fateh comes to his room. He recalls his moments with Tejo in the room and gets sad. He says that Tejo may have returned to his life, but there’s no use of thinking about it now as he doesn’t know how long he will be in the prison. Fateh looks at Tejo’s photo on the wall. Fateh says that he loves her very much, but he doesn’t want Tejo wastes her life waiting for him. She forgave him and that’s enough for him.

Satti comes to Tejo and asks if she is having headache, if she needs medicine. Tejo says that her heart is paining and it won’t heal with any medicines. Satti asks Tejo to share her sorrow with her. Tejo says that she couldn’t keep Rupy’s words and stay away from Fateh. She further says that she is affected with Fateh’s happiness and sadness, it seems their life is still connected. Tejo says that she doesn’t want to go back to Fateh but the circumstances always brought them together. She adds that Fateh did lot to rectify his mistakes. He has become a good person, who values relations. Tejo says that she forgave Fateh, maybe she was never angry with him, just her pain and hurt showed up like that. She never wanted Fateh to go away from her. She recalls Fateh’s decision and cries. Satti comforts Tejo.

Gurpreet is in the Gurudwara praying for Amrik. Gurpreet gets shocked finding Jasmine there. Jasmine greets Gurpreet and tries to take her blessings. Gurpreet steps back. Gurpreet asks what Jasmine wants and says that Amrik attempted suicide because of her. Jasmine says that she wants to make everything fine becoming her daughter in law, but her both sons doesn’t want it. First Fateh disturbed their peace and now Fateh. Gurpreet asks Jasmine what Fateh has done. Jasmine says that Fateh needs her blessings now. Fateh sees Mayi and Simran taking care of Amrik. The latter goes to the washroom. Fateh tells Mayi and Simran to always take of Amrik and leaves saying that he is going to meet the lawyer to discuss about the case and asks to not tell Amerik about this. Gurpreet asks Jasmine she’s going to do with Fateh. Jasmine says that she’s not going to do anything and reveals that he met her yesterday and told that he is taking Amrik’s blame on himself and is going to the jail. Fateh meets Biji and Dadaji and takes their blessings saying he needs it as he goes to meet the lawyer. Gurpreet refuses to believe Jasmine. The latter says to Gurpreet to go home and ask Fateh. Jasmine says to make her daughter in law soon then she will make everything fine, but her both sons don’t want it. Jasmine asks Gurpreet to go home fast and stop Fateh. Gurpreet leaves from there. Jasmine gets happy that she foiled Fateh’s plan.

Angad comes to Sandhu’s house to meet Tejo. Satti says that Tejo went to the college and asks what’s the matter. Angad thinks of telling the truth to Tejo. He says that he will meet Tejo regarding some official work. Satti gives Tejo’s phone to Angad asking to give it to Tejo. Angad agrees and drives off. In the college, Tejo is sad looking at the rose Fateh gave and recalling him. Students come to Tejo and asks why Fateh resigned from the college. Tejo says that he resigned due to some personal problems and he won’t come. The students leave. Tejo thinks that Fateh is going to surrender himself to the police and wonders how he would feel. She decides to meet him and leaves.

Fateh meets his dad. Kushbeer says that he feels helpless. Fateh asks him to be strong for family’s sake. He says that he is doing this for his family. He adds that he wants to leave before Gurpreet returns Gurudwara. He takes his blessings and leave. Gurpreet is on her way in the car. Tejo comes to her bike and cries. She wonders why she’s not able to control her emotions. She says that she wants to meet Fateh and tells that she loves him, can’t live without him and wants to wait for him. Fateh looks around his house recalling the moments he spent here with his family and Tejo. Kushbeer sadly watches this. Angad comes to Tejo and gives her phone saying that he has gone to her house. Angad says that he wants to talk to her about something important. Tejo says that she’s not in the mood to talk and she has to go somewhere urgently. Angad says that it’s not about them, but Fateh and his family. Tejo looks on.

The episode ends.

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