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The episode starts with Mehar and Sarab are sharing their eye lock. Haniya admires them. Sarab asks Mehar why she isn’t arguing with him today? If she changed her heart? She is about to leave but he holds her hand. He flirts with her. Mehar leaves from there. Haniya thinks that they are nice couple. Later, Aasmaa is surprised to see the arrangements of Mehar and Sarab’s engagement arrangements. Aasma asks her, why she decided it without asking them? They didn’t agreed to it yet. Haniya says that Sarab agreed to it. Aasmaa asks her about Mehar. She says that she didn’t said yes but her eyes agreed to it. When Mehar and Sarab returns to home. Mehar gets shocked to see the darkness in home. Sarab says that it’s good. The lights turns to on. They are shocked to see the engagement arrangements there. Mehar asks them what’s this all. This engagement won’t take place. Haniya says that she is going to get married next month. She can do the engagement today. Mehar says that not today but tomorrow. Haniya gets happy and send her from there.

Haniya congratulates Sarab. Simi noticed Haniya is pretending to be happy. Simi hugs her. Aasmaa says to her it’s a happy tears. Later, Munni is selecting the dress. She says to Aasmaa that it’s all costly dress. She will wear something old thing. Aasmaa asks her to choose the dress which she liked. She don’t need to worry about the cost. Mehar asks Lilly to choose the clothes for them too. Simi asks Haniya if she alright? She says that Sarab is Mehar’s. Sabar says to Mehar that he wanted to talk with her alone. She alerts him that Haniya is there. He takes her to the store room. She couldn’t open the door. Sabar says that it’s like her. Sometimes it will open but sometimes not. He flirts with her. Mehar says that he don’t know anything other then flirting. Sabar is giving a fitting reply to her. She complaints about male ego. He gets scared seeing the rat. He hides behind Mehar. Mehar laughs seeing it. He prevents her from getting hurt. They shares an eye lock. Later, Aasmaa brings Mehar’s bag. She informs Aasmaa that she has an important meeting today. She has to give this 20 lakh to them. Already , some people are trying to ruin her name in the market. Aasma asks Sabar to accompany her.

Mehar refuses to take him along with her. She asks her who is he? Sabar says that he is her soon to be husband. He can protect her. She says that she don’t need a personal bodyguard. Aasmaa says that it’s risk to got out taking 20 lakh alone. Mehar gives the bag to Sabar. She asks him to be careful. Munni and Leo widen their mouth in a shock. Later, Mehar getting ready for her engagement. Haniya teases her for wearing the dress which Sabar chose for her. Mehar asks her to stop teasing her. She is going to marry him for the family sake. She knew about her stubborn nature. Haniya says that she really liked him. No one can’t change her stubborn nature. She won’t get a good partner then Sarab. She takes evil eyes from her. She expressed her happiness to her. Mehar says that she is aware that she is happy for this wedding then her. Later, Sabar waits for Mehar in the mandap. Mehar asks him if he gave the money. He assures her. They danced together. NGO people comes there and informs Mehar that they didn’t received the money yet. Mehar glares at Sarab. She noticed the money is in his hand.

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