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Episode starts with, Asmaan covering her face and lighting a fire to hit the honeycomb and get honey from it. She collects honey and gives it to the entire family that relieves them. Sukhi feels proud of Shampy. Simmy thinks of leaving the house in this chance but Aasman makes her trip and falls. Her mobile breaks and she loses the designs. Armaan feels Aasman ‘s presence and identifies her. As she goes inside and changes her disguise, Armaan comes in and holds her. She asks how come he recognised her so Armaan says that he can never fail to recognise her.

Armaan asks her the reason behind all of this. She says that maybe he won’t believe her but she doesn’t trust Simmy at all. Armaan requests her not to take any step that would separate him from Meher. Aasman decides to not leave this time. Next morning, Simmy is seen talking to someone and saying that since Armaan and his family would be going to the school for her sports day, she would collect the photos and give it at the sports event only.

Aasman promises Haniya to reach the sports venue after Armaan and Meher leaves. Simmy forces Shampy to attend the sports event so she comes to the school. She feels sorry for Haniya since she is not able to keep her promise. In the first event, the kids are supposed to participate with one of their parents so the teachers say that she won’t be able to participate. Armaan says she would participate in the race with Haniya in place of Aasman.

Haniya’s face lights up seeing Armaan. The mud race begins and Simmy fails to carry Meher on her back and falls down in the mud dropping Meher. She screams and says she has bruised herself and cries for help. Armaan puts Haniya down and asks her to wait. Before he runs towards Meher, Aasman runs towards her and picks her up. She picks her up, consoles her and brings her out of the mud. As Aasman comes out of the mud, the hosepipe starts sprinkling water over her with huge speed and force. Armaan panics since the water force would lead to Aasman’s disguise falling off. Before anyone identifies her, Armaan covers her with a towel. She goes inside to change where Armaan helps her dry her hair.

Both Armaan and Aasman thank each other. Simmy thinks that she would have to leave immediately before anyone doubts her. Armaan says to Aasman that he got Meher and Simmy’s DNA tested and they don’t match so he has no fear now. Someone hears their conversation secretly. Aasmaan says that she could make out long back that Simmy is not Meher’s mother. Aasman asks if he would inform everyone about Simmy’s truth. Aasman tells him that Simmy is here neither for him nor for Meher so they must find out her motive and not tell anyone anything before that. She doubts whether Simmy and Aasman are the same and goes inside to check on them. Simmy sees Aasman and Armaan together and looks stressed.

Precap : Simmy would be trying to unveil Shampy’s truth in front of the family.

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Udaariyaan 1st April 2024 Written Update: