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Episode starts with, Meher saying that she wants to stay with Simmy mamma which shocks everyone. Simmy had actually scared Armaan before the hearing that if she says she wants to stay with Armaan she would harm her father. Listening to Simmy’s decision, Armaan feels dizzy and falls sick. Aasman asks Meher if anyone asked to say this and if Simmy scared her. Simmy gets the documents signed by the judge and then proceeds outside.

Armaan runs behind Meher and tries to talk to her once but Simmy warns Aasmaan and Armaan and leaves with Meher. The police hold back Armaan and Aasman. Armaan falls on the ground thinking of Meher. Rano mocks Aasman and asks her to spare them and not do anything for them now. She holds Aasman responsible for everything and asks her to leave. Aasman lies on the ground crying.

Later Armaan is seen drinking badly again. Aasman comes and throws away the liquor bottle. She asks him to stop and asks what he is doing. Armaan cries and begs Aasman to bring Meher back. Armaan cries and begs to Aasman to bring Meher back. Aasman rushes to the airport and gets to see Simmy and Meher proceeding towards the boarding gate. She requests the guard to let her in but she is forbidden. She still runs inside. Aasman is informed that the flight to Amritsar has taken off. She sees that a flight blasts while take off. Aasman checks the list but doesn’t get to see Simmy or Meher’s name so she wonders where they must be.

Simmy has a motive behind bringing Meher with herself. She is seen saying alone that she has to keep Aasmaan away from everyone after which her win is assured. She sees a locket and says that she would seek her revenge from them for sure. Aasman gets inside Simmy’s house and tries to find Simmy and Aasman. She finds a family tree chart with photos of Armaan’s entire family there. Meher comes to meet Armaan who hugs her. Simmy comes and shows her fake concern apologising for taking away Meher like that. Aasman comes in and says Simmy had to come since she has some motive. Aasman shows the chart to Armaan and they ask her why she has all these photos and why she had been following the entire family.

Aasman asks why was there no name of her and Meher in the passenger list what is she upto. Simmy says she did all of this for her daughter and wanted to know if her daughter was in the right hands. Simmy tries to portray Aasman as an evil character and blames her for torturing Meher. Simmy says that she has come back for her daughter since sje loves them from all her heart and she wants to stay here. This means that Meher doesn’t need her so she has no reason to live. She fakes to comit suicide. Sukhi says that they all know about how eveil Aasman is. Simmy says that if Aasman stays in this house, Meher won’t stay here. Episode ends.

Precap : Rano to throw out Aasman once again.

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Udaariyaan 29th March 2024 Written Update: