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The episode starts with Jasmine telling Fateh that they have to do something to stop the marriage. Jasmine says Gippy will get a girl very soon as Canada boys don’t remain bachelor for long. Jasmine says she loves Fateh more than anything. Fateh gets Tejo’s call. Tejo asks where is he? She is waiting to have lunch with him. Fateh goes to academy to meet her after saying bye to Jasmine. Jasmine calls Sweety and tells about her plan.

Sweety asks Jasmine what does she want. Jasmine tells Sweety to bump into Gippi. Gippi waits for Jasmine. Sweety bumps into him and leaves. Jasmine takes a picture of them together. Tejo shows presentation to Fateh and latter asks her why she added his picture in it. Noone will come seeing his face. Tejo says Fateh is youth icon and just how she became fan of him everyone admires him a lot. Later Fateh and Tejo talk to his sister. His sister acts like she is in Canada. She hides her truth from Tejo. Tejo compliments Jasmine and Gippi’s Jodi. Fateh gets annoyed and goes to call Jasmine. Tejo notices sunlight in Fateh’s sister’s room. Tejo asks its night in Canada then how come sun ray is coming. Fateh’s sister cuts the call immediately after making excuse.

Fateh asks Jasmine what is she planning exactly. Jasmine tells him to trust her. Fateh gets worried. Sweety asks Jasmine what is she trying to do. They can get stuck in problem. Jasmine assures her nothing wrong will happen. Fateh and Tejo visit Tejo’s House. Jasmine serves tea to everyone. She looks at Fateh. She goes to fry the pakodas. Tejo’s father asks Fateh seems like Gurpreet is still not convinced fully, if they can do anything to make her happy. Fateh says she needs to spend with his in laws more, eventually she will forget the differences. Jasmine calls Tejo in the kitchen to help her. Tejo goes.

Tejo teases Jasmine saying she is preparing to be a homemaker. Jasmine acts like she is loving it. Later she tells Tejo she wants to meet Gippi alone. She will have a private talk with him regarding something important. Tejo shows concern to Jasmine. Gippi arrives and says hello to everyone. Jasmine says she wants to talk to Gippi privately. Gippi gets ready. Fateh wonders whats Jasmine’s plan. Gippi talks to Jasmine and flirts with her. He starts eating pakodas. He tells her about after marriage plans, their honeymoon trip in foreign countries etc. He adds Jasmine can do whatever she wants after marriage. Jasmine doesn’t show interest. She messages Fateh to send Tejo to her room just after five minutes. Fateh reads it and Tejo discusses about the marriage preparations with her family. Fateh says Jasmine needs to be here as its her marriage. He sends Tejo to her room. Fateh texts Jasmine that Tejo is going to her room.

Jasmine reads the message and questions Gippi is he having an affair with someone. Gippi gets shocked to hear that, he tells her absolutely not. Why is she asking this kind of questions. He doesn’t like anyone except Jasmine. Jasmine falsely accuses him of cheating on her and she throws away some stuffs to show off. Tejo overhears everything from outside. Jasmine says to Gippi you can’t hide things from me anymore. I caught you red handed. Gippi stands confused. Suddenly Jasmine holds Gippi’s hand and gets oil stain from his fingers as he was eating pakodas. Jasmine slaps herself and shouts. Tejo sneaks into the room and helps Jasmine get up. She asks Gippi how dare you slapped my sister.

Everyone in hall hears the noise from Jasmine’s room and Fateh goes to check first. Gippi mistakenly pushes Tejo and Fateh saves her from falling. He punches Gippi in anger. Other members enter the room and Fateh tells them that Gippi slapped Jasmine. Jasmine lies to everyone that Gippi is having an affair with Sweety. Gippi asks her why is she doing drama and framing him. He pleads her to tell the truth. Jasmine shows fake tears and says she is not lying. She saw Sweety and Gippi were hugging each other. Mami says Jasmine is a liar. She knows Gippi and his family, they are not like that. Jasmine shows Sweety and Gippi’s pictures to everybody which she clicked while Gippi came to meet Jasmine. Jasmine recalls how Sweety knowingly hugged Gippi. Jasmine smirks and Fateh understands her game plan. He feels disgusted seeing her drama. Jasmine’s brother holds Gippi by collar.

Precap – Tejo sees Mami is talking to Gippi. Fateh scolds Jasmine for framing Gippi unnecessarily. Jasmine questions Fateh’s love for her. She says Fateh doesnt love her madly like before. She says she is leaving him forever.