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Episode starts with, Rano telling Simmy that neither Meher nor Simmy would leave this house. Since she brought Meher back, she would stay in this house with them. Rano holds Aasman’s hand and starts dragging him towards the exit asking her to leave. Armaan tells Rano that they owe a lot to Aasman. Rano says that this is the same woman who cheated him six years back and Meher gave him a reason to live again. Rano asks him to decide what he wants now. Meher asks Armaan to stop Aasman.

Aasman leaves, deciding that she won’t let anything happen to Armaan’s family or Meher. Simmy is seen talking to someone over the phone and saying that no one doubts her or has any idea about her plans. Meher comes in and asks Simmy to give her something to eat since she is hungry. Simmy was almost trying to scold Meher but since Rano and Nitu came in she fakes a concern for Meher.

Meher asks Simmy if she can cook pasta for her so Simmy says she would definitely do that. In her mind Simmy says she would feed such pasta for her that she would never ask her to cook anything again. As she tries to light the gas, Aasman comes in dressed like a man acting to be their servant and mocks Simmy. When asked who he is, she says that he is their servant’s son. Their servant comes and says since he is very old now, it is difficult for him to work now so his work would be done by his son Hampy now. Sukhi had seen Aasman requesting the servant for this before so he tells Aasman he knows everything and supports her.

Aasman brings pasta for Meher which she loves and says it tastes like Aasman’s pasta.
Armaan comes rejoicing and says that a very famous singer wants to get his cat remodelled by him. Everyone congratulates him. He goes to his office room for work. Simmy goes to give Armaan his tea so Aasman wonders if there might be some motive for Simmy so she decides to follow her. Armaan asks Simmy to keep the tea there and says he would have it. She cries and says that she wants to know about Meher’s likes and dislikes; she doesn’t know anything about her. She drops the glass of water that leads to a short circuit leading to a fire. Aasmaan takes out the blankets on time and saves everyone. All of them thank him for saving their lives. While in the chaos, Aasman’s moustache falls down but Sukhi sees it and saves her from getting caught.

Simmy asks Hampy if he came home today only how he knows where the blankets are kept. Hampy says that his father is very cunning and he had informed him everything priorly so that they don’t get into any problem. Meher misses Haniya and tells Armaan about it. He thinks of informing Aasman about his new project. He meets Hampy at the door but doesn’t tell where he is off to. Simmy had been searching for something in Armaan’s room in the dark. Hampy puts the light on and asks what it is she is looking for in the dark. Simmy says she is looking for her lip balm so Hampy starts looking for it too. Simmy realises that there’s nail polish on his hand so he asks him to show his hands. Episode ends.

Precap : Armaan would be visiting Aasman’s house to meet her.

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Udaariyaan 30th March 2024 Written Update: