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Episode starts with Haniya telling Meher that even if it had been someone else and not Sarab she would have still been against her since she is genuinely wrong. Aasman comes and asks what they are doing here and says that the guests are about to arrive. Meher hides the issue and says they would be there. Meher says that this event is more to her than Sarabjeet. She asks Haniya to not tell Aasman anything about this and asks her to get ready for the event. Haniya wonders how Sarab would manage his household expenses.

Suddenly Sarabjeet enters Meher’s event and starts breaking things in rage while calling Meher Gill. Sukhi says he will call the police right now so Haniya says he is the one who saved her from the goons. Sarab raises a chandelier and breaks it infront of Meher. She asks Sarab how dare he enter her house and start behaving like a goon. She asks him if he even knows the cost of the things he is breaking.

Sarab asks her if she would speak herself or he would say. He says what would she do if he lodges a complaint against her in labour court and says that the famous Meher Gill fires poor people just because they don’t tolerate her attitude. He hangs up the call and warns her to stay away from his path or else he would be the worst person ever and leaves. Haniya was going inside but Aasman stopped her. Later Sukhi tells Aasman that Meher has crossed the line now. Haniya says that she will try to make Meher understand but Aasman says she will do whatever has to be done and the ways are to be changed with her.

Haniya comes to meet Sarab at his home. Sarab asks her if she has come here to seek revenge from her. She says she has come to say thanks to him for saving her from the goons that day. She also apologises for Meher’s act. Sarab says that she need not apologise for Meher’s mistake. Haniya says that Meher is her twin sister so it’s the same thing if she apologises. Haniya offers him a job in their company but Sarabjeet refuses politely. Haniya comes back home and tells this to Aasman and also that their company needs an honest man like Sarab and if he stays near Meher she will be fixed.

Later Haniya asks Meher if she doesn’t feel like she needs to apologise to Sarab. Meher says she doesn’t even know what kind of a person that Sarab is. She asks her to leave Sarab and concentrate on her work. Munni pressurises Sarab indirectly to join a job.

Mehwr enters her office and sees Sarab sitting on his seat keeping his legs on the table. She asks him what he is doing here and how dare he enter this office. He says he is an employee of this office now and Aasman has kept him on the job. He shows her some attitude while Haniya gets worried. Episode ends.

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