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Episode starts with Aasman telling Meher that she is the one who hired Sarab. Meher says that she doesn’t know a thing about Sarab at all and she can’t deal with him. Aasman says that in his prior company he had increased their sales in just 4 months so he would surely prove to be an asset for their company. She asks Meher to go and explain the work to Sarab. She comes to her cabin and tells Sarab that he would be working in the finishing dept and he is supposed to prove his competency. Haniya tells Meher that Sarab has experience of sales and not finishing. Meher asks her to have faith in her and keep shut now.

Meher asks Haniya to not allow more space to anyone. She asks Sarabjeet if she has any confusion to which he says there’s none. He says that he is doing this job on two mom’s requests, one is their mother and one is his mother. While chit chatting, Haniya tells Sarba that she runs an organic farm. Sarab praises her and says she must have used sulphur during spraying pesticides that have gone into her eyes from her hands which is bothering her. He cleans her eyes gently. She keeps staring at him. He asks her to go back home and change her clothes or else she would again hurt her eyes.

Back at home, Aasman asks Haniya what drama did Meher do at the office. She says that even Sarab is not less dramatic and she has kept two swords in one place. Aasman asks her to keep an eye on Sarab and not let her do any difficulty. Haniya comes to the office and sees Meher entrusting work on Sarab which is actually excessive work. Sarab says that he considers his work as his Lord and has no problem at all.

Haniya and Meher sit for their lunch when Sarab leaves. Before he leaves, Meher asks him to complete all the work by 7 o’clock or else he must not be seen at the office. Meher asks Haniya to keep an eye on Sarab while she will attend an important meeting. Haniya wonders how Sarab would do so much work alone and goes to Sarab to help him. He brings coffee for him and asks if she can help him. Sarab says that if she has to help him, she must read out the rule book to him or else her Hitler sister would taunt her again. Haniya says that her sister is not Hitler and is just a little concerned about the company.

Suddenly Sarab gets a call from his mother who asks him to visit some place immediately since she needs him for some work. Haniya accompanies him and says she would read out the rule book on the way. As they get out of the office, Haniya shows him his bike and gives him the keys. He gets super excited seeing the bike but says he can’t take this since he had sold this. Haniya says he can take this and the cost would be curtailed from his salary every month. He gives her a ride to the place his mother asked him to visit.

Sarab visits his mother and sister who ask him to participate in a pithu race where the winner would win two gold chains. She says that she has enrolled his name too . Sarab agrees to take part in the race. He asks since he doesn’t have a pithu who would he lift . His mother points at Haniya.

Episode ends.

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