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Episode starts with, Sarab’s mother convincing him and Haniya to take part in the race. He apologises to Haniya for his mother’s persuasion but she says that since his mother is happy she is happy too and it isn’t a problem at all. Sarab raises Haniya on his back carefully and gets ready for the race. Haniya keeps on staring at him while he prepares to give her a ride on his back. The pithu race begins and even during the race, she keeps on staring at Sarab.

Sarab and Haniya win the race so he thanks Haniya. He is hugged by his mother . The organisers announce Meher Gill’s name as the chief guest who would be distributing the prize to him. Haniya and Sarab get worried hearing Meher’s name. While Sarab thinks what drama would Meher do now, Haniya hides amongst the crowd. Haniya prays to Babaji to save them. Hearing Sarab’s name, Meher looks annoyed. He gets up on the stage when she asks him if his work is finished he says not yet. Meher gets to see Haniya amongst the crowd and gets even more annoyed. Sarab grabs the mic and announces Haniya’s name and asks her to come up on stage while Meher fumes up in anger.

Meher distributes the prizes to Sarab. She tells Sarab that she would see them in the office. Back at the office, Meher taunts Sarab and Haniya. She tells Sarab that he is fired and doesn’t need to come to the office the next morning. Haniya asks Meher to not do this since there’s still some time left and he would finish the work and anyway the consignment is due next week. Sarab says that he agrees he left work but he would definitely complete his work and then leave. Meher asks him not to even dare leave the office without finishing his work.

Haniya goes back home and gets lost in the moments she spent with Sarab. Her best friend Simmy comes and notices that she is looking pretty distracted. Sarab gets a call from his mother who asks him to come home early since the chains are left with him. He says he is overloaded with work and would come back home next morning. He tells his mother that his boss is like a ghost who can gallop his job so he can’t come home now. Meher hears him talk to his mother over phone about her so she tells Sarab that no phone calls are allowed while working.

Haniya describes Sarab to Simmy as a perfect man who’s handsome, stylish but grounded. Listening to her praises, Simmy asks if she has fallen for Sarab, so she says things aren’t so easy and there’s nothing like this. Meher decides to fire Sarab within the next forty eight hours while Haniya wonders if she has really fallen in love.

Episode ends.

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