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Episode starts with Harleen calling Ekam and informing her that Alia and Armaan entered Canada illegally and now they have been detained there. Ekam shouts at Aasman for this and says that if anything happens to Alia, then she would be cursed by her father. Aasmaan asks Kabir to not intervene in their matters and leave. Rano apologises to Aasman for Armaan but asks why she left Armaan alone in Canada and sent her to jail. Sukhi says that he isn’t in a condition to speak to anyone now and leaves with Rano. 

Deepak tells Aasman that he knows she hasn’t done anything. Aasman asks Deepak why was Harleen talking to Ekam and how does she know all this. Deepak breaks the truth and says that Harleen and Ekam are her real parents and Alia is her sister who is Ekam and Nehmat’s daughter. Harleen did this since she wanted to seek revenge from Ekam. Deepak says that he will take her to Ekam and not let him curse his own child. Aasman says that he won’t go in front of them now. She says that if Armaan and Alia are in jail she will have to go to Canada and bring them back. Once she brings back Alia , she will tell Ekam about this now. 

Sukhi asks someone to help and take Armaan out of the jail. Aasman arrives at their house. Sukhi calls her inside but Aasman says that she won’t go inside. She says that she doesn’t know how he ended up in jail but she will bring him back. She asks for his id’s and promises Rano to bring back Armaan.  Aasman calls Kabir to a different place and apologises to him for slapping him. She says that she needs Kabir’s help. Kabir says that he can do anything for her but he can’t see her cry. She tells Kabir that she wants to bring them back. Kabir asks if she is crazy that she still wants to bring them back. She tells Kabir that both the families have given her a lot of love and she can’t see them in pain and also that Alia is her sister.  She says that if he is ready to help her it’s okay otherwise she will do something on her own. Kabir agrees to help her. He gives Aasman a ride. 

Armaan dreams about Aasman and runs through a forest screaming for help. He wakes up and thinks that Aasman must be in some trouble and he has to help her. The other prisoners come to Armaan’s room and try to tease him. Ge starts beating them. The police hold him. Aasman tells Kabir that she has received a letter from the embassy and as soon as she reaches the airport there will be someone to receive her. Kabir suddenly starts coughing. He stops the car and goes to a nearby shop to grab some water. He comes back with a water bottle and asks her to drink it. 

After drinking the water she falls asleep. Kabir says sorry to Aasman in her mind. The policemen beat Armaan brutally. Kabir brings Aasman to his place while she remains unconscious. He makes Aasman lie down on his bed and says that one day she will stay here after becoming hers. He opens her shoes and puts on a pair of payal on her legs. Episode ends. 

Precap: Alia and Armaan tries to escape the jail!

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Udaariyaan 7th November 2023 Written Update: