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Episode starts with Haniya’s best friend asking her to talk to Sarab and get to know him more but not tell Meher anything about it since she is anyway annoyed with Sarab so she won’t understand anything about love and all. Haniya brings coffee for Meher and keeps it on the bed for her. Meher says that she knows they all think that she is a bad person and she is in her mother’s team. Haniya says she can never be in anyone else’s team. She knows that she has a good heart and she knows that she always does this since she still thinks Armaan never loved Aasman or them. Meher gets even more annoyed hearing about Armaan and asks her to shut up and says he wasn’t a decent man at all.

After coming back home, Sarab’s mother asks him for the letter of Leo’s appointment for the job. He says that it’s difficult to get a job for Leo in that office. She immediately starts her drama and makes him say that he would surely get a job for Leo. Munni’s husband asks her to fear God and not keep on sucking his blood like this. Munni asks why she cares so much about Sarab now. He never kept his word of taking them to Canada and has also entrusted the responsibility of his first wife’s kid on her. She says that the most jobless person in this house isn’t Leo but him. Later he sees Sarab requesting someone to keep Leo at a restaurant job and says they don’t even need to pay him salary he will pay it just to make his mother happy.

Haniya is seen romanticising about Sarab all night. She decides to confess her feelings to Sarab the next morning. Next morning she is seen getting ready when Simmy comes home. She asks her where she should meet him if at the factory or outside. She helps her get ready and then asks her to call Sarab and ask him where he is. She calls on Sarab’s number which is answered by her sister. She addresses her as their bhabi so Haniya and her friend get him wrong and think maybe Sarab feels for her too. Sarab takes the phone from her and tells Haniya that he has something very important to talk to her about. They both decide to meet and talk at the factory. Sarab actually thinks of talking to her about Leo’s job while Haniya thinks of confessing her feelings to him.

Meher’s Secretary brainwashes the workers at the factory and asks them to raise slogans and stop work at the factory. Sarab comes to the workers and says that their way is wrong. Haniya tells her friend that Sarab praised her look but she hasn’t been able to talk to him yet.

Sarab tries to talk to Meher and make her understand that the workers are very angry and are about to take a drastic step but Meher asks her aide to not let him enter her cabin. Although he requests to let him in, she refuses to meet him. He turns off the power to make her come out of the cabin so that he can talk. As she comes out of the cabin, he asks her to keep quiet and then asks her to apologise to the workers or else they would create a lot of trouble but as usual Meher refuses to listen to him. The workers are seen approaching them raising slogans against Meher.

Episode ends.

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Udaariyaan 8th June 2024 Written Update: