Udaariyaan: Armaan (Anurag Chahal) and Aasma (Aditi Bhagat) gets separated, Simmy plays perfect game

Colors popular daily soap Udaariyaan is gearing up for major twist in the storyline.

Armaan is shattered as Simmy had taken away Meher, while he even blames Aasma for all the mishap.

Armaan is getting drunk as he couldn’t take this trauma and is seen broken while Simmy marks her return.

Simmy makes Armaan dance to his tunes

Simmy finally makes Armaan dance to his tunes as she brings Meher back to Armaan.

Simmy puts a condition that she will not let Meher stay back if Aasma is around, thus Armaan and Rano takes a shocking decision.

Armaan and Rano asks Aasma to leave the house, what is Simmy’s motive behind this game?

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