Udaariyaan: Aasma’s (Aditi Bhagat) hateful separation from Armaan (Anurag Chahal), time for drama

Colors popular daily soap Udaariyaan is bringing major turnaround in the storyline.

Aasma reveals Haniya’s identity truth to Armaan and Gill family, she is expecting a reunion while the opposite unfolds.

Armaan starts to question Aasma over Haniya and refuses to trust her identity.

Armaan doubts Aasma’s character

Armaan’s questions hurts Aasma and makes her realise that she was wrong about Armaan.

Aasma hates Armaan even more and decides to leave with a promise to never return back.

Why Armaan did this to Aasma? Is Aliya involved behind Armaan’s this behaviour?

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