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Colors TV’s popular daily soap, Udaariyaan, is gearing up for more drama with Harleen learning about Nehmat’s idea to leave the city.

In the current track it shown that Ekam feels Nehmat is hiding something from him and pleads her to agree to be with him. Nehmat stares at him then leaves the place without saying anything to him. Later Nehmat informs the Sandhu’s about her getting a new job but hides it from them her decision to leave. She gets emotional spending time with them during breakfast. Rupy and Satti inquires is she okay.

Nehmat lies she is then leaves. Ekam feels uneasy thinking about Nehmat. Nehmat cries recalling her moments with Ekam but decides to stay strong thinking what she is doing is for Ekam’s happiness. Harleen visits the Sandhu’s and decides to go with them to temple but her shawl gets torn so goes to exchange it with Nehmat’s.

She gets shocked not finding Nehmat’s things aren’t there so she rushes to find her without informing the Sandhu’s. Here, DIG assigns a task to Ekam. Ekam reaches the railway station where Nehmat is.

He bumps into a guy who pushes Ekam away then holds Nehmat by putting a knife under her throat. Both Nehmat and Ekam gets shocked seeing one another.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Ekam will be seen in a railway track. Nehmat will plead Ekam to come aside as a speeding train approaches him. Ekam will demand Nehmat to make a promise to not to leave him.

Nehmat will promise the same and urges him to leave the place. Ekam’s leg will get stuck in the track. Nehmat will get shocked. Ekam will push Nehmat aside. Nehmat will scream Nehmat’s name.

What will happen next? Can Nehmat save Ekam? What will be the family members reaction learning about Nehmat’s decision? Who will save Ekam?

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