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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is getting more interesting with Fateh taking a shocking decision to save Amrik and his family from Jasmine.

Previously it was seen that Amrik attempted suicide in the fear of getting death punishment. However family rushed him to the hospital and saved him. Gurpreet lashed out at Kushbeer blaming him for Amrik’s decision. Gurpreet told Kushbeer’s strict nature forced her all three children to take wrong paths. Later Kushbeer broke into tears in front of Fateh and appologized to him. Fateh pacified him. Later Fateh shared his sorrow with Tejo. The latter consoled him and motivated him to find a solution to save Amrik. Jasmine met Amrik in the hospital disguised as nurse and threatened him to harm his family, if he attempts suicide again. She said that Amrik needs to be alive to blackmail Virks.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh will tell Kushbeer that he has decided to take Amrik’s blame on himself which will shock Kushbeer. Tejo, who will hear their talks, will be also stunned. Kushbeer will strongly refuse to accept Fateh’s decision, but Fateh will convince Kushbeer and will take promise to not tell their family about this. Later Tejo will question Fateh about his decision. She will assure him of keep it away from his family. Fateh will say that he didn’t have any other option than this. He will apologize to Tejo for not being able to complete his journey to get her forgiveness. Tejo will remind Fateh some of their joyful past incident to make Fateh laugh. She will then take him to a dabba in her scooter and they will talk over a cup of coffee about his decision. Fateh will share his worries with Tejo.

Will Tejo find out about Jasmine’s fake accident drama and save Fateh? How Jasmine will react knowing Fateh’s decision?

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