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Colors much loved show Udaariyaan is all set for some major drama with Jass coming to Virk’s house.

In the previous episode it was seen that Jass kidnapped Tejo and threatened Tejo to return to him else he will trouble her family. Virks were worried for Tejo. Tejo returned home and narrated about what had happened and about Jass threatening. She add that Jass said that he will come next day to take her. Family reassured Tejo. Jasmine phoned Jass and asked about his plan. She asked Fateh to take soon Tejo away from this house and Fateh’s life.

Fateh assured Jasmine that she will get what she wants and he will get Tejo and his revenge on her. Tejo said over call to Sweety that Fateh is her stubborn and she wanted to win at any cost. She got shocked on finding Fateh. Later she went to talk to Fateh, who was venting out his helplessness over the punching bag. Jasmine tried to again to convince Fateh to marry saying that’s the only solution to save Tejo from Jass. The next morning Jass arrives at Virk’s house with police and band baaja. He says that he has come to take his legal wife. Fateh closes his fist in anger.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo will be at her parents house. Jass will come there to take Tejo with him. Tejo’s family will beat Jass. Police will arrive there and will arrest Rupy, Abhiraj and Harman and will take them in jeep. Tejo will cry.

What will Tejo do to save her family? Will Tejo agree to go with Jass?

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