Udaariyaan: Meher chooses Simmy infront of the court, Aasma (Aditi Bhagat), Armaan (Anurag Chahal) feels lost

Colors popular daily soap Udaariyaan is gearing up for major turnaround in the storyline.

Armaan and Aasma are trying to shield Meher from Simmy and even calls for urgent case hearing.

The judge asks Meher to tell her final decision as with whom she wish to stay.

Meher chooses Simmy mamma

Meher finally takes a shocking decision where she chooses Simmy mamma over Aasma.

Aasma and Armaan gets shattered as court finally gives Meher’s custody to Simmy.

Will Aasma and Armaan give up so easily, what more drama is awaited up next?

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