Udaariyaan: Aasma (Aditi Bhagat) alerts Armaan (Anurag Chahal) of Aliya’s intentions, Raja in danger

Colors popular daily soap Udaariyaan is gearing up for major twist and drama in the story.

Aasma and Aliya creates major havoc at Gill house, Raja even ends up hitting Aasma.

Raja gets voilent and attacks Aasma as he thinks that she is trying to harm his Aliya.

Raja dances to Aliya’s tunes

Aasma consoles Armaan over this mishap while she is well aware that Aliya is getting dangerous.

Aasma warns Armaan to not act abruptly and rather focus on controlling things.

Aasma fears what Aliya will do next and how will she use Raja as puppet against his own family.

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