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Colors newly launched show Udaariyaan is getting interesting day by day. The story is heading towards a lot of twists and turns. Last viewers watched that Jasmine told Tejo about Fateh Proposal. Fateh searched for job in Canada getting mad in love for Jasmine, who just cares for her Canada dream. Jazz on other side is lying again and again to Tejo and taking advantage of her emotions and love for her family. Now it will be worth to watch how and who will save Tejo from Jazz’s trap.

In the last episode, Satti mortgaged her jewellery for handling Tejo’s marriage finance. Other side Tejo got to know about Fateh’s proposal to Jasmine. She confronted Fateh outside his house and got to know that Fateh is son of famous Khushbeer Singh Virk, who loves and wishes his family to live in Punjab, India only.

Fateh got angry on Tejo when she asked him to meet Jasmine when he convince his father for shifting to Canada. Fateh told her that no one can separate him from Jasmine. Next we saw that Jazz took Tejo to select their international honeymoon packages. He thought it’s so easy to fool emotional people like Tejo and Neetu.

In the upcoming episode, Fateh will make Jasmine eat sweets and speak a love shayari. After Jasmine will leave, Tejo will get angry on Fateh on witnessing this.

As per sources B Praak a famous Indian singer will be seen as a special guest in Baisakhi episode of Udaariyaan.

We also got our hands on the latest promo Udaariyaan, which showed that Fateh’s father will see Fateh’s recommendation letter and will get to know that he wants to shift to Canada. He will raise his hand on Fateh, but the latter will stop him saying that he will have to shift Canada for his love. His father will ask him to choose between love and his family. Tejo will overhear them and get shocked. See Promo:



How will Fateh convince his father for his love and Canada? Will Fateh really break his family’s heart for Jasmine? How will Jazz get exposed? When will Jazz get exposed?

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