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Color’s tale (show) of a boxer and two sisters with different dreams, Udaariyaan in its initial episodes only won many hearts with its unique concept. Currently the show is witnessing Fateh’s heart break. Big misunderstanding between Fateh and Tejo too got cleared. Now it will be worth to watch how and who will save Tejo from Jazz’s trap.

In the last episode, Tejo came back after receiving best teacher award from Sarabjit. She told Abhiraj that now she learnt the meaning of true love from Sarabjit and wish for someone to love her like Sarabjit loves Meher.

While the preparations for Tejo and Jazz’s engagement started in Sandhu house. Fateh decided to forget Jasmine witnessing his family’s situation and especially his father’s anger and pain. Jasmine’s friend shocked her by telling her that some fraud robbed her sister Neetu’s family by fooling her.

Jazz and his mother discussed how they fooled and robbed many girls like Neetu. And now they will fool Tejo the same way.  Jazz brought Fateh, Amrik, Mahi and Buzzo to Sandhu house as his friends.

In the upcoming episode, Jasmine will introduce herself to Fateh. Tejo will ask Fateh to not hurt himself and forget Jasmine. Fateh will once again break down hearing Jasmine’s Canada dream/wish from her own mouth. Jasmine will clean cold drink from his clothes making him smile.

We have got our hands on new promo Udaariyaan, which shows that in future episodes, Jasmine will get to know that Fateh used to send her gifts and love letters. Fateh will tell her that he will take her to Canada as he can easily get job in Canada. Jasmine will agree but say, “No appointment letter, No Chance”. This episode will telecast on 10th April 2021. See Promo:


IS this dream sequence or will Fateh really take Jasmine to Canada? Will Tejo let this happen? How will Fateh’s and Jasmine’s family react to this? Who will unmask Jazz and his mother’s evil intentions?

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