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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for drama with Fateh tlling Tejo Jasmine’s truth.
Previously it was seen that Tejo tells Fateh about Jasmine accusing her of being jealous and about her not completely recovered. She told that she doubts that Jasmine is cooking up something. Fateh assured Tejo that she’s completely alright and was about to tell her Jasmine’s truth.

Tejo notified a man running and Fateh went behind him. Meanwhile Aman kidnapped Candy. Tejo sensed that the clown who entered the party could be Aman. They rushed inside to find Candy missing. Fateh and Tejo rescued Candy from Aman. The latter ran away when police arrived there.

Police catched another person disguised as clown. Fateh and Tejo accused Aman of kidnapping Candy. But Aman proved their accusation wrong by showing a CCTV footage as proof that he was with his lawyer when Candy got kidnapped. Later Family consoled Simran. Tejo told that they have to prove Aman is wrong like he proved them that day.

Jasmine acted to pacify Simran and said that she could understand her pain since she is also a mother. Tejo got hurt with Jasmine’s words. Fateh had enough of Jasmine’s drama. He told Tejo about Jasmine’s truth.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Fateh will tell Tejo that these were the worst days in the nine months that no one told her. He will further say that no one will know what he knows. Tejo will look on shocked. Tejo will say that this time it’s the war between the sisters and they both will fight.

She will get determined to not Jasmine win this time. Tejo comes to Jasmine’s room. She closes the door. Jasmine asks why she’s closing the door. Tejo lits a match stick and gets it near Jasmine’s duppata. Jasmine will get scared.

What will happen next? Will Tejo be able to win this fight against Jasmine? Will she find out about Jasmine’s miscarriage?
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