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Episode starts with Armaan telling Sukhi that he can’t just say sorry to Rano now and think everything will be sorted. He asks Sukhi to stay away from Rano. Armaan asks if he expects them all to forgive him since the wound is old. Rano asks Aemaan to stop and says she has forgiven Sukhi and anyway this is man’s nature to cheat women. Aasman asks if it’s women’s nature to accept such acts and forgive men. She goes to Sukhi and says that such a big woman’s heart always forgives all mistakes. Rano says that whatever has been done can’t be changed and now but they need to think about RV now or else they would lose him too.

Sukhi says that they all know the truth about Raja that he will never be completely cured so why should they destroy Alia’s life for it. Alia is too young now and her entire life is left in front of him so they don’t have the right to ruin her life. He says they must get RV and Alia married. Rano, Hobby and Neetu all agree to this and say that at first even they felt bad for Raja but they can’t deny the fact. Neetu says she feels pity for Alia since Raja never speaks to Alia properly and keeps on beating Alia and fighting with her since he is a kid from mentally and would never understand that Alia is his wife. Bebe also says that when everyone else is agreeing why should she be a hindrance , so she also gives a green flag.

Arman asks how come they are all thinking about RV and not Raja. He gets annoyed at all this. Balvinder comes and asks them all to visit the Panchayat session the next day since he has called one to talk about Sukhi’s dark deeds. Next morning they all join the panchayat session where Balvinder tells the heads of Panchayat about Sukhi and his illegal son. They all get angry at him. Balvonder keeps on saying things about Sukhi and his family. Armaan gets annoyed and engages in a fight with him. He is stopped by his family.

Balvinder still keeps on saying things. He also tells them about RV and Alia’s affair and defes her. Aasmaan slaps him this time and asks him to shut up. The heads of Panchayat say she has no right to slap her and they agree to what Balvinder is saying. She apologises to the heads but says she won’t tolerate anyone trying to defame her family. They ask Sukhi to do something to cover up his deeds. He says he accepts his mistake but also accepts RV as his son from today and requests them to give permission for RV and Alia’s marriage. The Panchayat Heads agree to this and forgive him.

Raja overhears all this and feels bad. He tells Aasman that since he loves Raja he would let her go and be happy. He also says he would learn to live alone from now and be okay with tears in his eyes. Sukhi talks to RV and tells the family to make preparations and says that he is ready to marry Alia. The family starts preparing for Alia’s marriage. Raja comes and pretends to be happy for Alia’s marriage. Aasman understands that Raja is doing all this on purpose. She goes to the doctor with Raja’s reports who says he has been given wrong medicines and there’s no hope left. She comes back home while a ritual before Alia’s marriage happens and she says this ritual can’t happen.

Episode ends.

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Udaariyan 14th May 2024 Written Update: