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Episode starts with Armaan and RV arguing regarding Alia. Aasman asks Armaan to stop his drama in front of the kids. Alia tells RV that he shouldn’t have spoken in between them. Aasman asks Armaan how long he will keep on hating Alia. Armaan says he can never forget what she did to all of them.

Armaan tells Aasman that he doesn’t feel like doubting her but whenever it comes to Meher it feels like she is not doing enough. He is stressed due to the problems happening at home and his office tension. She tells Armaan that Meher is insecure and is lying to him about Aasmaan and others to gain his attention. She says that the basis of every relationship is trust and when one loses it, nothing else works. They have been separated before due to trust issues and are scared to lose him again. Armaan says maybe she is right about Meher but Alia is instigating Meher for sure and she must have some intrusive motive behind this.

Aasman asks Armaan to believe that Alia has really changed now but he says some people never change. Alia is seen crying alone so RV tries to console her. Alia says to him that he doesn’t know anything about her and after whatever she has done with them, Armaan has all rights to hate her. Haniya goes to Meher and asks why she hated her so much when they were best friends before. She also tells her that Aasman loves her so much but even then why does she lie about her to Armaan. Meher leaves the room.

Later in a family party, Armaan’s family is seen playing games. Khushi and RV get up on the stage for the first round. For the second round, Alia and Raja get up on the stage. Alia and Raja lose their round so Raja is given a dare. He is asked to talk to Alia about love. Raja narrates a poem for Alia and everyone praises him. Armaan and Haniya win the next round. When it comes to Meher and Aasman’s turn, Meher is given the word Maa to guess. She holds a placard over her head written “Maa” on it not knowing what is written on it while Aasmaan tries to give her a clue. Meher remains silent but at the last count she says Maa and hugs Aasman. Aasman hugs her back. RV feels sad for himself seeing all this.

While Alia leaves for the doctor’s clinic to get Raja’s reports, Khushi asks her to take her along to the park . Alia says she will take her to the park some other day and asks her to go inside and do her homework. RV comes and says he will take Khushi to the party. RV and Khushi are seen playing at the park when Alia comes back from the hospital. She was about to trip when RV saves her and holds her in his arms. Armaan was passing by so he sees them in that position.

Episode ends.

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Udaariyan 24th April 2024 Written Update: