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In the latest episode, Aasman takes much risk and breaks the honeycomb to acquire honey. Then she takes out honey and gives it to the entire family and applies it on Armaan herself. As she holds Armaan, he recognises her. As she goes inside and uses the washroom keeping her turban and moustache aside, Armaan enters the room. He holds her in his arms as she comes out of the bathroom. Aasman asks how did he make out that she is there in Shampy’s disguise.

Armaan says she can never fail to recognise his Aasman who’s the only person that can risk her own life to save others. Armaan asks her the reason behind doing all this. She says that maybe he won’t believe her but she doesn’t trust Simmy at all.

Armaan requests her not to take any step that would separate him from Meher. Aasman decides to not leave this time.Simmy forces Aasman to join Meher’s sports event so that she can fulfil her motive alone at home.

Aasmaan fails to keep her promise to Haniya and feels bad for her. Since the first event requires a parent to participate in the race with the child, Armaan accompanies Haniya that lights up her mood.

Simmy fails to carry Meher on her back within the mud and drops her. Aasman saves Meher and takes her out of it. Armaan helps Aasman hide her identity from being disclosed.

Armaan shows Simmy’s DNA reports to Aasman that don’t match with Meher. Aasman tells him that Simmy is here neither for him nor for Meher so they must find out her motive and not tell anyone anything before that.

In the next episode, Simmy would be seen trying to unveil Shampy’s truth in front of Armaan’s family. To know if Aasman is able to save herself, keep watching Udaariyan.