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In the latest episode RV asks Aasman to go and bring an official police complaint letter. She wonders what’s wrong since there was no fear in RV’s eyes. She calls Alia and says she is confused as to what she is supposed to do.

Rohan and Simmy enter Armaan’s room and talk about shifting him to a safe place. They also talk about killing Aasmaan and Armaan both. Armaan hears all this. He cuts his finger and writes something on a cloth napkin with his blood. Aasman prays to Matarani for showing her a way to find Armaan. She prays to Lord to protect Armaan and help her reach him.

Simmy and Rohan try to shift Armaan from RVs house when they see Aasman standing there praying to Matarani. Armaan gets to see Aasman and starts pushing away Simmy. He runs towards Aasman while Aasman stands there praying. He throws the napkin there while Simmy and Rohan take him away. Aasman turns around and looks for Armaan feeling he is around.

Aasman intoxicates RV at a party and takes him for a lie detector test to find out about Armaan. Aasman sees that RV is answering all questions truly and that he really doesn’t know about Armaan. She feels confused and wonders what’s wrong. Simmy and Rohan try to shift Armaan from their house when Aasman sees them passing by so she runs to find them. Suddenly a fire breaks out in RVs room due to a short circuit in the lie detector. She fails to get hold of them due to the fire.

In the next episode, Aasman would be seen slapping RV for saying things about Armaan. Would Aasman be able to bring back Armaan? To know what RV does next, keep watching Udaariyan.