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Udaariyaan is gearing up for more entertainment as Aasman brings home Murtazim.

In the latest episode, Aasmaan gets a call from Murtazim’s son Zaid who asks her to save his father. She says that they are at the bazaar and hangs up the call since the owner of the pco doesn’t let him talk anymore. Armaan asks Aasman to get ready for his wedding. She asks Armaan to leave for the wedding and says she would join them in a while.

Aasman calls at the pco again and gets to know the address. Her phone is tracked by the police and she is followed by them. She rescues Zaid from a man who makes him beg forcefully. Zaid takes Aasman to Murtazim. Seeing his poor condition, she says that she needs to inform the police and the hospital but he asks her not to do this since Indian police would arrest them and Zaid would never be able to get out of jail. Armaan tries to reach Aasman but doesn’t get through. He feels hurt due to Aasman breaking her promise. He is forced to begin the rituals of the wedding.

After the saath phere Armaan angrily asks Sukhi if they are happy and satisfied now and asks them to go back home. Aasman brings Zaid and Murtazim to their home. She says that since he saved their lives, it’s her turn now. Armaan comes back from the Gurudwara and screams Aasman’s name. A chaos takes place since Alia asks Armaan to not go to Aasman since she is his wife now but Armaan disagrees and leaves the house.

In the next episode, Armaan would be seen shouting at Aasman in a drunken state and find Murtazim and Zaid hidden in his room before Aasman tells him the truth. How would he take this? Would he create trouble for Murtazim? To know what Armaan does next, keep watching Udaariyan and stay tuned ofr more updates.