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Udaariyan is ready for more thrill as Alia is trying to get rid of Aasman and take her place at the Gill house while Armaan and Aasman are finding ways to know about their daughter.

In the latest episode hearing Ekam’s suggestion regarding Armaan and Alia’s marriage, Armaan reacts and says how could he even think of him getting married to someone else and says he won’t get married to someone else. Ekam says he can understand his emotions but they have to do this for his kids. Ekam orders Alia to marry Armaan.

Later Armaan goes to Alia’s room and says that once they used to be friends and even more. The place of friendship is still in his heart and that’s the reason when he feels bad he comes to ehr to share things.

He says maybe the time has come to give their friendship a name for their kids since today both of them are in the same condition and neither Raja nor Aasman have the chances to recover. Alia says if he thinks this is right she is ready to marry him just for the kids.

Aasman threatens a goon named Munna who is in regular contact with Alia but he runs away and informs Alia. Asmaan tries to threaten Alia to tell her about her daughter but Alia smartly blackmails her again and says only if she lets Armaan and Alia get married on the same day as Kannu’s wedding, will she tell her about her daughter.

Armaan gets annoyed hearing all this but Aasmaan asks him to keep calm and believe in her. Next morning Aasman comes home and says she wants Armaan and Alia to get married before she again falls sick. Alia asks Aasman and Armaan to get divorced before her marriage.

Will Armaan and Aasman sign the divorce papers? Will Aasman be able to get rid of Alia’s clutches ? To know these answers keep watching Udaariyan.