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In the latest episode, Armaan visits Aasman’s place to give her the good news regarding his progress in business. Haniya says that her mother is tired and has fallen asleep so Armaan says he would meet her the next day. Armaan suddenly notices blood on the floor and gets tensed and runs to check on her. Haniya says it’s just paint so Armaan breathes in relief. Aasmaan comes back on time and meets him

He informs her about the new project and Aasman becomes so happy hearing it that she almost hugs him but controls herself. He tries to show Aasman his designs but Aasmaan tells Armaan that she has full faith in him and is very sure that his designs would be the best. Simmy is seen getting annoyed due to Aasman and the new servant Shampy. She decides to teach him a good lesson. Next morning at the breakfast table, Simmy asks Shampy to show his id. He cries and makes a drama at first. Then Simmy shows all of her ID’s and gives a good reply to Simmy.

Later Simmy brings home a new chef to replace Shampy. As Armaan’s family say that they like the taste of Shampy’s food so they want to keep her, Simmy still tries to keep her new chef. Nitu gives an idea to host a cooking competition among them and the person who wins would work as their chef. The challenge begins but the new chef does something that creates immense smoke causing a lot of trouble and leading to tremendous eye burn. Meanwhile Simmy steals Armaan’s designs.

In the next episode, Armaan would be asking Aasman why she came to their house in disguise and what is she upto. As she tells about Simmy, he asks her not to do anything that would separate him and Meher. To know how Aasman deals with Simmy and exposes her, keep watching Udaariyan.