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The episode starts with the wedding arrangement of Sayali and Tejas. But Renuka doesn’t feel contented to get Sayali as her daughter in law. She finds out loopholes in everything. Sakku asks her to control herself, after the marriage she will get the proper right to control her daughter in law. Sakku asks Renuka to click some photos of them but Renuka doesn’t like to be engaged in this enjoyment.

On the other hand, Sayali gets ready to for the next wedding rituals. But she still misses her father who has died due to a rail accident. She also gets the blessing from the neighbours.
Tejas calls his girlfriend Isha and informs that he will reach before the fixed time. Isha pretends her restlessness for Tejas, and asks him to come as soon as possible.

Paresh and Aayi both into the room of Sayali to bless her. Seeing the innocent beauty and behaviour of Sayali, Aayi gets overwhelmed. She feeds Sayali with her own hands and asks the new bride what does she want as the gift. Sayali’s says she doesn’t want to take any gift from this great lady. But Aayi wants to present something valuable to Sayali. Aayi invites Sayali to come for the village after her marriage. She nods her head.

Renuka comes into the room of Tejas and notices his clueless face. She also feels his disagreement regarding this marriage and emphatically asks him whether he really wants to do this marriage. She also promises that she could stop this marriage if he permits her. Tejas forbids his mother to do that, because he really needs that money to start up his business. He also assures that he will adjust with this girl. After a few minutes, Tejas calls Isha to request her to wait for the last minute. Suddenly Paresh comes there and gets surprised to see Tejas. He emphatically asks why didn’t he get ready still. Tejas tries to make some false excuses and promises he will appear on the stage within few minutes.

On the other hand Sachin becomes restlessness not getting the bail but no one listens him properly. After few minutes, the main officer arrives in the police station. Tejas requests the officer to leave since today his brother’s marriage. Sachin finally gets the discharge from the prison.
Episode ends.

Precap : Sayali will be very hurt when she will come to know that Tejas has left her already. She will lock herself inside a room. On the other hand, Paresh will insist Sachin to marry Sayali. Though Sachin will not show interest in Sayali but they would marry each other following the elder’s words.

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