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Episode starts with Sayali looks at the mirror and thinks of Sachin. She eagerly wait for Sachin. Now it’s too late everyone is exhausted but still Sachin haven’t arrived yet. One by one everyone leaves the house. Sayali cries and says that this is the third time she is waiting for Sachin, fully dressed, and Sachin haven’t escaped the suhaag raat rituals. She looses all the hope that she will ever continue her normal marital life with Sachin. Aaji
tries to clam her down and says she will find out Sachin.

Sachin’s friend arrives and informs that Police have found biverages in Sachin’s taxi and they start following Sachin’s taxi because Pintiya tries to escape from police. Pintiya callled Sachin that he ran away from police to save the taxi. Sachin says that this is not the way to escape, police will some how find him out usng the number plate of the taxi. So, Sachin left the village to save his taxi from the trouble. Sayali gets very worried that Sachin might get himself in trouble so, she also leaves the village to find him out.

Next morning Sayali comes to the mumbai and she calls Sachin but doesn’t get him. So she called Aakash and informs him about the problem. Aakash later calls Aachin and finds out all the detailed story. He called back Sayali and says Sachin is in the police station and police have ceased his taxi, so decided to come to the police station.

In the police station, Sachin tries to convince the police officers that it was accidentally found in his taxi. He says that they honestly spend their life to earn and never did and illlegal work. But the sub inspector is not ready to listen to him. He seems very arrogant and tries to put other illegal charges on Sachin and slaps Pintiya. So Sachin gets and angry and unknowingly salps back that sub inspector as he is not in the formal dress. The sub inspector gets more heated starts beating Sachin with a heavy stick. While Sayali arrives there and finds out the Sachin beening hitted. She tries to save him but the arrogant sub inspector warns her and gets her out of the police station.

In the lock up Sachin sats on the floor in badly injured
condition. Aakash and Juhi arrive and talk to the senior police officer he says that Sachin have got himself into serious trouble and he will not get bell as he have slaped a on duty policeofficer. Aakash tries to safe guard his brother. But Sachin his already heated so he scolds Sayali for pleading in front of police and threats that he will kill the person that puts him in so much trouble. Police officer points out Sachin to be a killer but Sayali says that Sachin might be short tempered but he is a very clean hearted human.

Precap; From cctv footage Sayali finds out the passengers put illegal biverages in Sachin’s taxi and recognises his as members of Sudhakar’s gang. Sayali, Aakash and Juhi comes to meet Sudhakar but he had already left the town.

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