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Epsiode starts with the preparation of the mareu of Sayali and Sachin. Renuka gets freaked out because Paresh is giving attention on Sachin more than Tejas. Paresh becomes very relieved when he ables to rearrange the marriage again. But Sachin learns that Paresh has arranged the marriage with Sayali, he couldn’t able belive that he have to marry a girl whom he doesn’t know even. He disagrees to marry Sayali and is about to leave the spot, Aayi and Paresh both beg him to agree, but Sachin doesn’t grasp the whole matter. Suddenly, Paresh knees down and stoops infront of Sachin to express his emergency, Sachin’s heart gets melted and promises his father that he won’t betray.

From his very childhood he has failed to give the honour through his education and other things. If marrying a unknown giri will give Paresh so much respect, he will marry Sayali. Touching the feet of Paresh, Sachin takes the blessing. Renuka couldn’t understand why Paresh is so much interested for the marriage of Sayali.

After a while, the marriage of Sayali and Sayali takes place. The priest starts chanting the mantras and he asks them to exchange the flowery garland. Sachin is asked to put the vermilion on the forehead of Sayali. Following all the rituals, Sayali and Sachin gets married with each other. They both take blessings from the elders one by one. Renuka doesn’t let them to touch her feet. Paresh asks younger son to take care of the newly wedded bride so that they could lead a better life. He also instructs him to maintain a minimum disciplined life. But Sachin gets freaked out learning all these disciplined and disagrees to follow those things.

At the end of the celebration, the bride bids good-bye to her mother and breaks down in tears. At the end of everything, Paresh requests the family of Sayali to go with him. Though Shobha hesitates to go to daughter’s in law family. But Aayi also requests them the same. At last they agree to go with them. In the bus journey, Sachin asks his father to stop the bus since he gets a order to drive the car, he have to go immediately. But Paresh strictly forbids Sachin to do this.

Coming into the home, Sachin and Sayali both are asked to wait outside of the home. Renuka is asked to do Aarti so that they bride and groom could able to take the entry but Renuka feel very irritated and enters into her own room. Coming into her room, both Aayi and Paresh would request her to welcome the newly wedded couple but Renuka doesn’t show any interest.

Episode ends.

Precap : Renuka will try to dominate Sayali in every step which will make her suffocated.

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