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The episode starts with the conversation between Renuka and Paresh. Renuka gets very tensed since Tejas is not coming home for a long time, she requests her husband to find out Tejas but Sachin mocks her. He wants to file a case against Tejas who has wasted twenty seven lakhs rupees. He also doubts whether Renuka knew that Tejas will elopes all the money. Renuka gets furious listening the accusation of Sachin and misbehaves with both Sayali and Renuka. Sayali feels tired and alone in the house.

In the hospital, Rashni still waits for Tejas for discharge. They hasbe already build up a good friendship between themselves. Rashni shares her persoanl things to Tejas and Sayali how much problem she deals everyday. Tejas feels very interested about Rashni, and asks her whether she has any boyfriend or not. Rashni says she is single.

In the midst of the conversation, a mischievous customer calls Rashni and talks with her in a very mean way. When he calls her for the second time, Tejas receives the phone call and introduces himself as the husband of Rashni. She gets overwhelmed being helped by Tejas. They together complete their lunch in the hospital. On the asking of Rashni Tejas also tells his own love story to Rashni, which surprises her. Seeing the long and worried face of Tejas Rashni gives him a hope that he will be loved by a gentle girl. They both start liking each other.

In the midst of the night, Sayali feels uneasy and wakes up. She couldn’t able to forget the insult of Renuka and promises she will place a position in the house.

In the next day, Tejas gets the discharge from the hospital. When he goes to pay all the bill, Renuka calls Tejas but the phone is received by Rashni. She informs everything. Renuka immediately runs to the hospital. Rashni gets hurt when she understands that Tejas has lied her, she interrogates him about that falsity. Tejas describes his poor condition to get the sympathy from Rashni.

Episode ends.

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