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Epsiode starts with Sachin and Sayali who are asked to complete the rest to the rituals of their marriage. Sachin gets irritated to be with Sayali and feels vexed with this sudden tantrums in his house. As soon as Sachin completes the rituals, he heads out for his work. After leaving of others, Sayali couldn’t understand what she should do in this house.

With her mother and sister, Sayali sits in a particular room. Joohi gets upset because of this marriage and Sayali also seems totally vexed with this new life. But their mother Shobha regards this marriage as the wish of the Lord. Joohi feels very bad as Sachin has left the house on the first of the marriage. Shobha also asks Sayali to focus on the good sides of Sachin so that they could lead a better life. But Sayali knows very well how dangerous Sachin is. Shobha reminds Sayali that one day Sachin saved the life of her.

After a while Joohi goes into the kitchen to prepare a cup of hot water for herself. Aakash comes there and they start talk with each other about the current incident. Suddenly, Joohi’s hand gets burnt when she indifferently touches the cup of hot water. Aakash runs to help her out. Seeing them together, Renuka gets fired bup and asks Akash to leave Joohi’s hand.

Coming into the room of Tejas, Renuka sees that Paresh has asked Akash to decorate the whole room for Sayali and Sachin. She gets fired up and asks her husband to stop this drama. But Paresh clearly says this room belongs to Sachin and Sayali from that very day. Renuka asks him where Tejas would stay if he returns in home. Paresh says he won’t allow Tejas in this house anymore, because of Tejas, Paresh has gone through a lot of disrespect.

Paresh is challenged by Renuka that Sachin wouldn’t return home in the night. But Paresh firmly says Sachin will be reformed very soon.

Suddenly Sachin appears in the door wearing a dress of Sadhu. He loudly chants the mantras. His sudden appearance makes everyone surprised. They ask Sachin why he had weared this weird clothes. Sachin says he has taken a vow to be as brahmachari and he is going to visit a pilgrimage. Renuka makes fun of his hypocrite attitude. But Sachin says he is about to leave the house for the next three days. Paresh asks Sachin why he didn’t take the permission of his father. Sachin tells the whole incident how he got involved in this whole journey. Actually he wanted to escape from home. Aay asks him to Sayali with him but Sachin doesn’t get angry and leaves the house. When Paresh doubts his action Sachin promises him that he won’t break his trust like Tejas.

Episode ends.

Precap : Sayali will enter in to the kitchen,but her mother in law will not let her do anything in the kitchen. Renuka will try every action of Sayali. She will show her meanness hiding all groceries in the cupboard. She will try to dominate Sayali in every step which will make her suffocated.

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