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The episode starts with the conversation between Tejas and his girlfriend. She comes to know that Tejas is going to marry the girl who is chosen by Paresh. The girl friend of Tejas plan to snatch all the money which will Tejas get in his marriage. Cutting the mobile phone, the girl laughs at Tejas and his intelligence. She wants to missuse the money which she will get from Tejas and will leave for Canada.

On the other hand, Paresh and Sachin discuss about the marriage of Tejas and Sayali. Sachin feels that there will something wrong in Tejas’s behaviour. But Tejas will keep Sayali very happy. They both head out towards the village together to invite the mother of Paresh in the village. As soon as, the Mother of Paresh comes to know about the marriage of Tejas and Sayali, she expresses her doubt. She also becomes assures that she still be coming in a good house. Paresh’s mother gives Paresh some money to help out Sayali. Before leaving Paresh and Sachin both take the blessing of Tai. She also blesses Sachin for his love life. Son and father both head out for the home.

Coming into the home of Sayali, Paresh gives her a handsome amount of money to Sayali so that she could arrange everything according her wish. Sayali couldn’t able to accept the money from her would be father. But Paresh tells that this money is sent by his mother as blessing and requests Sayali to take the money. Shobha also hesitates to take the money but Paresh doesn’t want to leave them alone and gives the money. His profound love for Sayali makes her emotional. After leaving of Paresh, Sayali is asked by her mother whether she is satisfied to see her fiance but Sayali tells that if her family has chosen a right person for her, there is nothing to oppose. They also seem very tensed about the huge expense of the marriage.

Here, Renuka gets very angry as Paresh didn’t mention all the degrees and educational qualification of Tejas in the wedding card. Paresh doesn’t want to compare Sayali with Tejas according to the education. Sachin gives a prophecy that Renuka will fight with new daughter in law to control her behaviour. On the other hand, Sayali still fears of the huge expense of the wedding programme.
Episode ends.

Precap : Renuka will poke Shobha for her impoverishment. She will also ask her to arrange money and Sagun for the marriage of their daughter.

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