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Episode starts with Sayali who has started crying in the midst of the night. Aayi lies beside her bed and wakes up listening her weeping. She feels very alone in herself leaving her family behind. Aayi tries to make her understand that she have to take the responsibility of the house sooner or later. Aayi affectionately handles the emotional breakout of Sayali and promises she will be there for her. Aayi also permits her that Sayali could call her Nanima and asks her to sleep peacefully.

In the midst of the night, Rebuke notices that their main is being opened. She becomes totally freaked up and runs to Paresh to wake him up. She assumes that any thief has entered into their home. But he doesn’t wake up from sleep. She also goes to Akash but he also doesn’t give any answer at first. She pulls him from the bed to wake him up. Finally they together runs behind the thief with a long stick. Paresh and Aayi also join them. Akash is asked to beat the thief from his head to toe so that they could catch him easily. As soon as Aakash proceeds to hit the thief, Sayali comes out. They realise their daughter in law has been creating a Rangeli outside of the house.

Sayali explains that this is an auspicious time to welcome the Almighty and shows her art to all. Paresh ahe Aayi both appreciate the artwork of Sayali and both become amazed to see the devotion and hard work of Sayali. But Renuka feels very irritated for Sayali she has disturbed her sleep and scolds her. Sayali is asked to hit the hack in her own room.

In the morning, Sayali makes coffee for all the family members. The taste of the coffee amazes Paresh and Aayi. They appreciate the caring nature of Sayali. Renuka is asked to have the coffe which is made by Sayali. Renuka notices that Sayali has been drinking coffee from a huge utensils. She mocks Sayali’s manners and discipline. She insults Sayali for her upbringing.

Paresh calls Sachin and tells him to call Sayali. Following the order of Paresh, Sachin calls Sayali. But getting the call from Sachin, Sayali couldn’t understand who is calling and cuts the phone rudely. Paresh asks him to call again.

Episode ends

Precap : Sayali will enter in to the kitchen,but her mother in law will not let her do anything in the kitchen. Renuka will try every action of Sayali. She will show her meanness hiding all groceries in the cupboard. She will try to dominate Sayali in every step which will make her suffocated.

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Udne Ki Aasha 20th April 2024 Written Update: Sachin takes the responsibility of Sayali