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Episode starts with Renuka who insults her daughter in law and asks Sayali not to invite her own family in the marriage function. Sayali remains silent when she is being insulted by Renuka. Sachin hears everything and informs that he has already invited her whole house. He has also welcome the neighbours of Sayali. He doesn’t hesitate to take the stand for his wife infront of his mother. Renuka gets fired being insulted by Sachin and complains Paresh against her own son. Paresh makes her understand that nobody will listen her if she will ask them to obey something wrong. Renuka is asked to show some respect and love to Sayali so that she will also get some proper respect from her.

Coming into the kitchen Sachin says that he still has not invited the family members of Sayali, only to take the stand for Sayali, he uttered those lies. Sayali gets surprised and impressed with the statement of Sachin. He also asks her to live her own like following her own will do that no will take the steering of her own life. Sayali gets melted with the words of Sachin and thanks him holding his hands. Sachin feels embarrassed when Sayali holds the hands of Sachin. He promises that they will invite them in the evening. Roshni fears of exposing her facts.

In the night, Renuka invites Roshni in the next day for the pooja of the house. Renuka says her mother in law wants to meet Roshni for once before the marriage. Roshni gets agreed to attend the function. After the call, Roshni becomes doubtful why Renuka always misbehaves with Sayali and Sachin. After a while, She finds out that her mother and son have come in her flat. She is chickened out seeing them together. If Renuka will come to know about her family, she will cancel the marriage.

Sayali invites her family via phone calls to attend the pooja. Sachin also comes in a room at that time. He asks his wife with she has liked the saree or not. Sayali confirms that she will definitely wear that sharee on the day of the function. Sachin gets impressed but he mocks the ladies who behaves odd wearing sharee. He doesn’t think that walking is not that tough wearing a sharee, how much a lady shows others. Sayali challenges him and asks him to wear sharee. Sachin creates a funny scene wearing sharee.

Episode ends.

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