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Episode starts with Roshni has been enjoying the time with Tejas. She doesn’t know even that her son and mother have come in the same house. Roshni’s mother wants to leave with Krrish before the programme starts but Sayali requests them to stay until the pooja gets completed.

After a while, Shobha comes in Paresh’s house with her two children. She gives Sayali some fruits and flowers for the pooja. Immediately Renuka starts insulting them. Dilip and Joohi don’t like her rude behaviour and protest. But Renuka continues are offensive words towards Sayali and her family. Her deliberate insult makes compelled Paresh and her mother to rebuke Renuka.

Roshni tries to connect with her mother to ensured that they have reached the village. Suddenly Roshni’s mother phone gers switched off and Roshni fails to connect with them. Shobha comes to her to talk with her about her family but Roshni hesitates talk about her father. Renuka notices them talking. She doesn’t like Shobha’s presense. One by one all the guests who were invited by Sayali comes. Renuka doesn’t like their presence also and criticizes their poor appearance.

After a while, Aaji calls Roshni to attend the pooja. Renuka fears if she will say something insulting to Roshni, her own prestige will be down. But Aaji asks Roshni to help Sayali to do her makeup. At first, Sayali was taking Roshni towards her room to do the makeup, but when she notices that Krish and her grandmother have been sleeping there, she decides to change in another room.

When Roshni completes her makeup, Sayali looks gorgeous. Her beauty makes jealous to Renuka. Meanwhile Sachin also reaches house. He gets mesmerized to see the perfect beauty of his wife. They both stare at each other for a long time. He openly appreciates her. Paresh asks him to get ready.

As soon as Sachin notices Roshni, he becomes stratled. He claim start Roshni is a fraud girl. She becomes chickened out by the sudden accusation. Tejas protests to her brother. Roshni comes to know that Sachin is the brother of Tejas. But Sachin doesn’t care anything what others think about him. He continuously criticizes Roshni for her mischievousness.

Episode ends.

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