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The episode starts with Sayali, Sachin and Savi, Ishaan traveling in the same bus. Sayali asks Ishaan and Savi if they are going to mandir as them. Savi comments on Ishaan.

Reeva calls Ishaan. Surekha sees Reeva’s tension. She asks Reeva to not take tension and tells her that Ishaan will come soon. Reeva thinks she doesn’t let Savi’s shadow fall on her engagement.

Sayali sleeps on Sachin’s shoulder. He doesn’t wake her up. Sayali wakes up. Savi asks Sachin to sit at her place. Savi and Sachin change their places. Sachin thanks Savi. Sachin says to Ishaan that they can sit peacefully away from their wives otherwise they blame them for everything. Ishaan agrees with his point. Sayali asks Savi if her husband is also feeling like she is a burden to him. Savi tells her that Ishaan is not her husband. Sayali asks her to not lie.

The bus stops for a break. Everyone goes to eat snacks. Ishaan asks Savi to drink coffee. Savi advises him to concentrate on his engagement and leaves from there. One devotee asks Sachin for the temple address. Sachin mocks him. Sayali asks Sachin to not mock him. They enter the hotel. Later Sayali comes from the washroom and sees her purse is missing and requests Sachin to help her in finding her purse. Sachin asks her to leave the purse. She tells him that Mom gave her something to offer god which was in that bag. Sachin and Sayali start looking for the bag. They don’t find it.

Sachin asks Sayali to remember where she placed her purse. Sayali remembers that she placed her purse in his bag. She takes it out from his bag. Sachin comments on her. Sayali refuses to talk to him until they return home and leaves from there.

Savi on call tells Harini that she didn’t know that Ishaan is travelling to his engagement on the same bus otherwise I may have cancelled my trip. Sayali comes to Savi. Savi asks Sayali if she fought with her husband. Sayali says it’s usual. They see some men are making illegal liquor. They try to leave from there but illegal liquor people catch them.

Sachin sees Sayali is not in the bus. Sayali calls Sachin and tells him that she and Savi land in trouble. Goon snatches the phone from her. Sachin tells Ishaan that Savi and Sayali are in trouble. They rush to save Savi and Sayali.

Goons tie Sayali and Savi. Sachin and Ishaan rescue Savi and Sayali. Savi’s feet get injured. They come to the bus station and see their bus left placing their luggage in the Bus depot. Bus depot people tell them that another bus is the next day. Savi tells them that she will stay in the depot to look for another option. Ishaan stays with her. Sachin and Sayali leave for the hotel.

Ishaan tells Savi that it’s good if they stay in a hotel and makes her agree. Sachin and Sayali book one room in a hotel. Sachin pays the money for room and says to Sayali that all of these expenses are due to her. Ishaan and Savi also come to the same hotel. Ishaan and Savi learn that there are no rooms. Sachin says they can they can stay in their room. Ishaan says he will pay for it. Sachin says there is no need for it.

Ishan suggest Sachin to play a game so that they could enjoy the night. Following the rules of the game, Sachin starts to dance which amuse everyone. After the dance Sayali is asked to say something about Sachin’s good things. But at first Sayali prefers to other the bad nature of Sachin. Then one by one Sayali describes the good natures of Sachin. She tells how he always save others from danger, how he pays the respect to his father. The description makes Sachin very surprised and happy. Then Sayali ask Savi to complete a dare but Savi and Ishan both hesitate. Then following the rules of the game Savi and Ishan both dance in a romantic song.

In the next morning, Ishan’s family wait in the temple. His mother feels restless because of the delay of Ishan and Sabi. Rishi is asked to call them but still Ishan’s mobile is switched off. The whole family gets tensed. Reeva doubts whether Ishan is with Savi. But Ishan’s mother confirms that this couldn’t be happened.

When Sachin and Ishan head out for the temple with their wives, Savi gets injury in her legs. Ishan tries to help our but she doesn’t want take any help from her husband. Ishaan doesn’t want to leave her alone. Sayali also feel very nervous seeing the long stairs before the temple. When Savi is about to fall Ishan takes her into his lap.

After a while Sayali also feels very exhausted and her legs gets injured. Sachin brings to long leaves so that Sayali could put her legs on it. Sayal feels very sorry since she misunderstood him . The gentle behaviour of Sayali impresses Sayali. The two men struggle to reach to the temple with their wives. When Reeva notices Ishan has been coming with Savi she becomes totally freaked out. She lashes her out but Savi analysises the incident. Ishan apologizes to his fiance for being late. Ishan introduces his family to Sachin and Sayali. They both are invited in the engagement of Ishan and Reeva. Ishan is asked to get ready for his engagement.

Before attending the engagement Sayali and Sachin both offer Puja to matarani. Sachin gets curious what is the bag. Sayali gives a auspicious locket to Sachin. The gentle care of Sayali impresses Sachin.

Savi also offers Pooja to the God. She prays for her parents. When she because the insulting words of Ishaan she feels bad. Sachin and Sayali couldn’t understand why Ishan and Savi are not getting married. They both feel sorry for them two. Sachin asks him why he is not getting married with Savi. He doesn’t love Savi but he himself becomes puzzled with his own feelings. Sachin decides to stop this engagement for the sake of Ishan and Savi. He stops the music drums. Savi is insulted by the parents of Ishan. After a while shailly starts to play the drum. But Ishan feels hesitated to put the ring on the hand of Reeva being puzzle about his own feelings.

Episode ends.

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