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Episode starts with the conversation between Sachin and Sayali. Sayali says that he feels tremendously tired since she has been walking for a long time. Sachin says there is no other way but to walk. Sachin suggest her to board on a donkey which will help her to reach to the bus stopage. The situation of Sayali creates a funny scene and amuses Sachin. He also pulls her legs when she is sitting on a donkey. But Sayali feels very safe to be with Sachin.

Roshni comes to her own village to meet her mother and child. Roshni informs her mother that she is going to married marry a boy although her mother becomes very happy to learn this news but also asks whether the boy does know about her past life that she is already married and has a child. But she clearly says that she will not going to say anything to her fiance otherwise anyone will not marry her. Her mother warns her that her future husband will be offended he will come to know about this but Roshni doesn’t want to hurt him anymore.

Seeing the injuries to the legs of Sayali, Sachin feels very bad and puts some ointment on her legs. When Sayali notices this her heart melts for him. She again gets the confirmation that Sachin is a good human being. In the midst of the way, Sachin meets a village lady in the bus. He starts to talk with that woman about the village, they start about the old happy days of the past. Sachin gets mesmerized recalling his old days. The lady distributes some sweet fruits to them. When the lady asks about the identity of Sayali, he hesitates to introduce her as his wife.

Roshni comes into the home of Shakuntala and informs that she couldn’t able to marry Tejas within 2 years. She have to open a parlour which will need ten lakhs rupees, so she should postpone the marriage. Renuka promises that she will arrange the money by hook or crook, but she doesn’t want to postmaster the marriage of Tejas and Roshni. Renuka us trapped by Roshni and gets agree to give the money. Shakuntala suggests Renuka to keep their house in mortgage so that she will arrange the money within few days.

In the same bus Roshani’s mother and son board. Sachin starts to talk with them and he feels extremely sorry for that little child who doesn’t have the parents. Krish, the little child sits on the lap of Sayali. She tries to make a friendship with that little child. The child wants to show his aunty’s photo to Sayali.

Episode ends.

Precap : Sayali will sing a song for Sachin but he will irritated to hear her song.

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