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The episode starts with the dispute between Sayali and Anirudhha. They meet in the street but couldn’t help but to continue their squabbling. Here, Tejas discusses his own plan within his girlfriend. He wants to betray Paresh so that he could collect the huge money. His girlfriend forbids b him to betray Sayali in the wedding day but Tejas promises that he would handle the situation and will return the money later.

When Sachin gets the mobile of Sayali, he comes to know a big conspiracy of those goons who plan to kidnap Sayali tonight. He also hears that those evil will molest her by hook or crook. Following the plan, the goons kidnap Sayali from the street. Though Sayali screams to draw the attention of others, but no one comes there. Sachin decides to save the life of Sayali. The leader of the goons team wishes to marry Sayali and will ratify her hunger. Sayali struggles to save herself from their evil clutches but she couldn’t able to free herself. He again says that no will come today to save her. At the same time, Sacgin comes there and beats those goons black and blue. He immediately frees Sayali and lets her go. But Sayali couldn’t able to say his face.

Taking the motorcycle Sayali immediately returns to the home. Coming into the home, Shobha and Joohi confront her about her being late. Sayali tries her best to hide the true facts from her family. But they could clearly see a shadow of tension in the eyes of Sayali, she couldn’t help but to tell the whole incident to her family. Leading that Sayali was about to molested by some goons, they all become freaked out.

Though Sayali tries to decrease the importance of that incident, but they couldn’t able digest this sudden danger. Her mother Shobha wants a strong promise from Sayali that she should marry Tejas. She also asks her to vow that she would marry the son of Paresh. They immediately calls Paresh and informs that she will marry his elder son. As soon as Sachin comes to know that Sayali would be going to marry Tejas, he again asks them to rethink about their decision.

Shobha asks her to get ready for the evening since Paresh and his family will come to meet her. In the evening, they arrive in the house of Sayali and decide to finalize the marriage as soon as possible.

Episode ends

Precap : Renuka will poke Shobha for her impoverishment. She will also ask her to arrange money and Sagun for the marriage of their daughter.

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Udne Ki Aasha 29th March 2024 Written Update: Paresh finalizes his son’s marriage