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Drama to galore in Ishq Mein Marjawan with Vansh plotting with Angre to solve jungle mystery. He will send Angre to the jungle. Angre will reach the place where Kabir is been kidnapped. Now it will be interesting to watch do Angre will reach Kabir or not?

Last we reported, Vansh and Riddhima shares romantic time together. He further do deal of black box. Riddhima tries to learn from Vansh about black box. Vansh hides boc from Riddhima. Later, Riddhima goes to Vansh and inform him that Vansh is adamant to solve about 6 hour mystery. Both decides to hide the truth from Vansh. Riddhima worry if Kabir will ruin their plan. Kabir thinks Riddhima’s truth will make Vansh to kill latter.

Elsewhere, Aryan’s girlfriend decodes that she gave black box to Vansh. Vyom force Riddhima to return his black box else he will expose her to Vansh. Riddhima looks for a way to reach black box. Vansh and Riddhima both play their games with each other. Riddhima over smart Vansh when latter tries to search her mobile.

Later, Riddhima asks apology from Daadi. Daadi tells to Riddhima whosoever will go against Singhania’s, she will not spare the person. Here, Ishani accuses Vansh for using Angre for his benefit. Vansh stays calm. Angre come to Vansh and apologize him on Ishani’s be-half. Vansh asks Angre to focus on important. He adds and tells to Angre that Ishani vent out at him because she cares for him. Meanwhile, Riddhima day dream of getting caught red-handed while looking for a black box.

Upcoming drama in the show will be high. Singhania’s will get excited for Vansh and Riddhima’s wedding anniversary. Vansh will plan to surprise Riddhima on their wedding day. Here, Riddhima will plot to yet again to steal black box. Don’t miss out watching the upcoming episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan on voot select.

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