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The episode starts with DJ is talking with Yuvika’s photo. He makes a video call to the doctor. He is surprised to see Yuvika’s look-alike. He laughs seeing it. Meanwhile, Neel asks Yuvika what happened to her? She says to him that Isha looks so tensed. What happened to her family in her absence? He asks her to calm down. DJ took advantage of her death news. He torture her family. Her mom fell sick. He scared Arjun. Isha isn’t scared of him and gave an fitting reply to him always. Once DJ friend drops the food down. DJ says that Dada Babu advised to them they shouldn’t waste the food. DJ asks Arjun to eat the food. Arjun takes the food in his hand. DJ asks him to lick it instead of eating with his hand. Isha scolds him for treating her brother badly. She gives an fitting reply to him. Neel says that once Isha returned to home terrified. He asks her what happened to her but she didn’t answer to him. After that night, Isha is changed totally. She started listening to DJ. She is dancing for his key. Yuvika says that something happened to Isha on that night. She has to find out what’s it is? As a sister she will save her. Meanwhile, Gargi is checking the design. Koyel’s mom comes there and says that she is pretending to be changed. But she shouldn’t change her standard. She gifts a saree to her. Gargi says that nude make-up suits to this saree. Koyel misunderstands her. Gargi explains to her.

Boomi meets Yuvika. She informs her that Roohi is helping Miraya to get ready for her engagement. Isha isn’t nowhere to seen. She excuses her. Koyel says to Miraya that she thought to help her. Miraya refuses to take her help. UJ cries there. Roohi says that she is DJ’s would be bit she is UJ’s mom. Meanwhile, Yuvika noticed Isha is struggling to stand. Yuvika asks her to sit properly. Isha refuses to take her help. Yuvika says that engagement preparation is going on so take a rest. Isha received a message. She takes it before Yuvika. Yuvika asks her why she is scared to see this message? Isha throws her phone now. Isha fights with her. Yuvika pushes her down. She faints there. Yuvika thinks that phone is switched off. How will she find out what’s going on in her life. She can’t leave her alone in this situation. She thought to wait and ask her about it. Meanwhile, Danraj takes Miraya and Nikhil near DJ. He says that he never thought that he will be in this state on her special day. Miraya says to DJ that she needs his blessings. If he isn’t in coma then she would have introduced him properly to Nikhil.

Yuvika thinks that something definitely happened to Isha. She has to find whom sent those messages to her? Neel asks her what’s bothering her? She says that something is going on in Isha’s life. Boomi comes there. She asks her why she looked dull? If everything is alright? She lied to her that everything is alright. Later, Gargi says that it’s time to celebration. Yuvika noticed the way Isha leaving. She follows her behind. She tries to stop her. DJ watched them from his room. Yuvika asks Isha where is she going? DJ says that he started his Chakravyuh. Yuvika is not able to escape from it. Isha leaves from there in a car. Yuvika doesn’t know that to do? Yuvika takes a lift from a stranger. He asks him to follow that cab. A singer is singing in the party. Miraya and Nikhil are enjoying the party. Koyel’s mom appreciates her singing. Gargi asks Danraj to smile. He has to pretends to be happy because today is his daughter engagement. She asks him to bless them. Gargi says that he likes to say something to them. Gargi blessed them. Boomi searching for Yuvika. Nikhil and Miraya are taking elder blessings. Koyel’s mom says to her that Gargi is acting well. She says that she is temporary mom to him. Subhadra says that she is changed a lot. She is wearing a simple dress. She is loving Miraya a lot. Roohi wants to see her happiness. Neel asks Boomi where is Yuvika and Isha. He says that he will check them. Gargi smirks at them. DJ is watching everything from his room. Gargi shows cheers to him. DJ thinks that it’s wrong to watch them in silent. He thought to work. Neel is searching for Isha.

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Precap; New Yuvika’s entry

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