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The episode starts with Neel informing Boomi that Yuvika and Isha are not in their room. She gets anxious. Gargi asks her what happened? Neel informs her that Isha isn’t in her room. Gargi says that they may be went out to enjoy. She asks her not to worry about them. Meanwhile, Yuvika is following Isha in a bike. She asks the cab driver to stop the car. Isha asks her why she is following her? Yuvika asks her to calm down. But just stop the car. Isha received a message. She complaints to the driver that Yuvika is troubling her so driver the cab faster. Yuvika asks the stranger to drive faster. He stopped the bike. He says to her that petrol is over. Yuvika feels helpless there and runs behind the cab. Meanwhile, Gargi takes Boomi near Nikhil. She says that she took the responsibility of Nikhil’s mom. She asks her to give pose with him. Koyel talks with Gargi. Boomi excuses them. She worries about Yuvika and Isha. Danraj makes Arjun busy. DJ thinks that he created this creation. He needs everything perfect. He calls Ajay to do his work.

Meanwhile, Boomi thinks that Neel may didn’t checked their room properly. She hears the sound from DJ room. She knocks on the door. The doctor didn’t give permission to her to meet DJ. Roohi comes there. She says that Gargi calling her. She takes her from there. Yuvika falls down. She takes a cab. Ajay sends a message to Isha. Isha complaints to him that he can’t do this to her. He forced her and took this picture. She wasn’t in her sense at that time. Ajay says that he doesn’t care about it all. He threatens to reveal her pictures. He demands her to reach the hotel asap. Later, Gargi invites Boomi to dance with her. She feels uncomfortable there. DJ says to the doctor that this girl isn’t matching with Yuvika. The doctor says that she is 99% matching with her. DJ says that he needs 100% results. He is perfect in everything.

Boomi says to Neel and Arjun that Isha isn’t in her room. Both of them was here few minutes before. Something is fishy. Gargi is dancing happily here. It means the evil inside her is dancing happily. She did something. Something is wrong here. Neel says that he tried to call Yuvika but she isn’t attending her call. Arjun says that he will search for her. DJ threatens the doctor to correct her facial expressions and cheek. He needs a 100% results. The doctor denied it. He threatens to kill him by placing a gun at his mouth. Meanwhile, Isha reached to the hotel. She hesitated to go inside. Yuvika reached there. She confirms with the driver that he dropped Isha there. Isha refuses to go inside. Ajay released her photo in the function. Boomi falls sick. She thinks that she can’t see her mom falling sick. She goes inside. Ajay thinks that he has to listen to DJ but before that he needs some fun. Yuvika reached there. She confirms that Isha is inside the room. Isha goes to change her dress. Yuvika knocks on the door. He is surprised to see Yuvika there.

Episode end

Yuvika in a tight spot

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Vanshaj 17th May 2024 Written Update: Yuvika’s attempt to find the truth