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Episode starts with, Rose telling Yuvika that the extra pair of lenses aren’t available anywhere so she can’t attend the party today. She recalls Prem’s words and decides to keep Bhoomi’s words since this is the first time she asked something from her. She decides to attend the party in disguise.

Miraiya hugs and wishes her boyfriend secretly. Yuvika starts dressing up differently. Srishti brings Gargi to a side and asks where Yukti Multani must be. Gargi asks her not to even take her name since she would ruin her mood. Srishti warns her to stay alert and says they must know where she is. Gargi calls the housekeeping and gets to know that Yukti is about to leave the house for the holi party.

Yukti gets dressed up in a different attire, puts colours on her face and wears a glass to hide her identity. Dj comes and asks the security personnel to get back to his work and find the woman. Bhoomi feels the arrival and presence of Yuvika and says she had full faith that Yuvika would surely come to meet her today. Yuvika waits at the retina scan and que to enter the Mahajan house. Yukti opens her sunglasses and gets her eyes scanned, which leads to an alarm due to the retina match. Miraiya’s boyfriend rushes towards the system to check whose eyes match. He calls his team members and scolds them. He asks them to find the woman. He sees a photo of the upper half of Yuvika’s face and rushes to find the woman.

Bhoomi gets up and starts looking for Yuvika. Koyel hits Yukti in a drunken state and feels like it must be Yukti’s voice. She rushes to look for her. Dj tries to find Bhoomi. Dj asks the security incharge the update. He says that someone’s retina has matched but his team has lost her. Dj threatens him. Dj decides to not let Yuvika escape this time. Bhoomi sees Yuvika at a distance and identifies her. She prays to her Lord. Yuvika drops the sunglasses and then stretches her arms wide open. Bhoomi comes running to her and they hug each other while Dj looks for Yuvika and Bhoomi.

Yuvika puts the first colour of Holi on Bhoomi’s face and wishes her Happy Holi. Dj gets to see Bhoomi from a distance and runs to reach her. Koyel sees Bhoomi talking to someone in a haze and tries to understand who’s with her. Srishti comes and asks her to be in control. Koyel informs Dj that Bhoomi is talking to someone behind the curtain. Yuvika tells Bhoomi that till she takes their revenge from Dj and Gargi she can’t come in front of them as Yuvika and has to pretend to be Yukti. She asks for her support from Bhoomi.

Episode ends.

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Vanshaj 30th March 2024 Written Update: Destiny helps Yuvika.