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The episode starts with Yuvika attacking Ajay. She searched for Isha. She asks her if he threatened her to come here? Ajay asks Isha who she is? Isha says that she doesn’t know her. Ajay says that he got two girls to enjoy. Yuvika says that he won’t understand her words. She throws chilly powder on his eyes. She locked him inside the bathroom. Yuvika asks her to go with her. Isha refuses to go. She complaints that she manipulated her mom and brother. They are supporting her. Neil also fell into her trap. She asks her who she is to help her? Yuvika reveals her identity to her. She reveals to her what happened after that accident. Meanwhile, Koyel demand the servant to follow the diet chart to UJ. Roohi says that she shouldn’t interfere in her life. She came here to marry DJ so concentrate on that work. She don’t need to think about UJ. Meanwhile, Isha hugs Yuvika. She asks her how could she leave her alone? Ajay shouts that he won’t leave them. Yuvika says that she won’t leave her alone. She asks Isha what happened with her? She asks her why did she changed? We are obedient daughters of papa. Why she is obeying to this Ajay. Isha says that she realised Yuvika is her real strength after her death.

Isha informs her that she attended a party. He spiked her drinks and took her picture. DJ blackmailed her using her picture. She has to listen him or else he will reveal her pictures. Yuvika says that DJ is portraying himself as a good businessman. His true colors isn’t aware of outsiders. Yuvika says to Isha that she didn’t do anything wrong. He has to feel ashamed to blackmail her by using her picture. We are bold daughters of Prem. We will teach a lesson to them. Ajay threatens her to open the door or else he will release her picture. Yuvika consoles her. Later, Boomi gives a engagement ring to Nikhil and Miraya. Gargi checks the cake and complaints to Srishti she didn’t booked the cake as she suggested. Srishti says that this cake is enough to them. She says that she asked her to book the cake from that famous cake baking shop. Srishti says that they are poor people. They don’t deserve the costly cake. Gargi says that this halwa cake is enough to them. Whatever going to happen with that family is fun. Meanwhile, Ajay threatens Yuvika to reveal her photos and video to everyone. Everyone is excited to watch it.

Yuvika attacks Ajay and snatched his phone from him. He threatens to reveals her photo. Ajay complaints that she beaten him twice. He won’t leave her. Yuvika tied his hands and leg. Miraya asks Gargi if she booked this cake for her engagement? Gargi says that she learnt Nikhil likes Halwa so she booked this cake for him. Nikhil and Miraya dances together. DJ signals to Gargi. Meanwhile, Yuvika asks Isha to beat Ajay. He troubled her a lot. She motivates her to teach a lesson to him. Isha recalled the way Ajay threatened her. He humiliated her. Ajay tried to threaten her again. Yuvika asks her to vent out her anger at him. Isha slaps him. Meanwhile, the doctor says to DJ that he needs extra time to give a perfect results. DJ gives times to him but he needs the perfect results. Meanwhile, Isha breakdown in tears. Yuvika says that she didn’t do any mistake. She don’t need to obey this cheap person like him. Yuvika takes Isha from there. Ajay released his hands. He ordered his friend to release the photo. Yuvika comes back there. He says that he ruined her respect. Yuvika asks him if he thinking those photos are her dignity. She is proud of her sister. Her family is her support. DJ noticed the waiter going to play the video to everyone.

Isha says to Yuvika that everything is over. She did everything to save her family reputation. Today everything will be over. DJ is excited to see the result. Gargi says that she is ready for the show.

Episode end

Precap: DJ gives a tough time to Yuvika

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