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The episode starts with Isha saying to Yuvika everything is over. She did everything to hide this. She listened to their demands. Everything is over now. Yuvika says that nothing is over now. She asks her if she taught this to her in childhood? Isha is her sister. She is a fighter Isha. She couldn’t see DJ mistreating her brother and reacted to it. Where is that Isha? She asks her to stop closing her eyes. We have to help mom and fight for her rights. She motivates her. Boomi worries about her daughters. Meanwhile, Yuvika asks the driver to give a lift to them. She will transfer the money to their account. Boomi is talking with Neel about Isha. Roohi thought to alert them that Mahajans are acting. Danraj comes between them. He asks her to concentrate on her baby. If she tries to mess with them then he will snatch her baby back from her. Yuvika calls Neel. She asks him to listen to her carefully. It’s something serious. Neel takes Arjun’s help. Yuvika informs them that someone is going to reveal Isha’s video or photos in the party. She asks them to stop that person. She asks them to find out whether someone looks suspicious there or not. Arjun and Neel are searching for that person. Neel says that Yuvika mentioned about a player or music. They rushes to the back stage.

Gargi says that Miraya and Nikhil got engaged today. She has a surprise video for them. The music player turns on the video. Yuvika and Isha reached to the party at the right time. Isha got stunned seeing the video is about to play. Yuvika pulls the wire connection. She burns the evidence there. DJ noticed it. He thinks that she won today. But this game is not over yet. He is going to ruin her life. Later, Isha asks Yuvika what have she said to Mom? Yuvika says that she manages the situation there. Isha says that she imagined like mom fell sick after watching her video. Yuvika says that she isn’t wrong. She says that Isha has the spirit to fight against others. She motivates her. Isha says that she not only apologized to her for this mistake but also the way she treated her. She didn’t treated her well since she came to this house. Yuvika tells her that she never took her words to her heart. Isha says that she loved Neel. She was possesive on him. She thought that Yuvika left. Yuvika says that it’s not wrong to love someone.

Yuvika says that Neel is the person who is perfect. Everyone will fall in love with his personality. She felt proud of her sister for chose him. She is lucky. Isha says that Neel made her understand everything. He says to her that he doesn’t love her but considering her as a friend. He is always belongs to Yuvika. She ruined her friendship with Neel and misunderstood it as love. Yuvika consoles her. She makes her understand that she isn’t wrong. Yuvika says to her that at least she shares everything with her. But what happened to Arjun? Why he turned out like this? Isha says that he isn’t sharing anything with her. May be he will share it with her. Later, Mulatani calls Yuvika. She asks him if everything is alright? He says to her that he read all the projects. We have to listen to DJ. If we refuses to listen to him then we won’t get enough permissions for their project. Yuvika says that DJ is getting the permission because he is bribing the people for it. He says that we have to follow it. This business won’t move on to the next level. Yuvika says that she isn’t cheap like him. He says that he isn’t running a charity but business. She shares her thoughts with him. He asks her to end this Yukti role and reveal her true identity to everyone. Yuvika tells him what did her father advised to her. She says that she will follow Dadababu and Prem’s path. She won’t follow DJ’s path. Multani says that she can’t win in that path. Yuvika is adamant in her decision. He gets frustrated with her attitude. Koyel comes there to manipulate him.

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Precap; Yuvika is determined to fight back with DJ

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